Renault Group announced that it will launch a concept car called Symbioz at the Frankfurt Motor Show conference on September 12th. The Group hopes to look forward to the 2030 traffic vision through this new concept car Sensor to meet customers' expectations for future travel and life and to meet the challenges of environment and urbanization.

   Renault SYMBIOZ name comes from sumbiōsis, in ancient Greek meaning 'common life'. Renault believes that the future car will be in its environment, road network infrastructure and occupants of the digital lifestyle to maintain a stable relationship, and this concept in its latest concept car body reflected most vividly. The last letter 'Z' refers to the whole electrification Z.E. technology, for this concept car to provide power. In the past year's major auto show launched a total of three concept car, one of which is last year's Paris Motor Show, Renault launched TREZOR concept car, the new car Suction Control Valve is a pure electric sports car, equipped with a high-performance pure electric system, And with unmanned technology, and to keep the Renault simple and enthusiastic design concept. The overall shape of the new car is very low and aggressive, giving a full sense of the future.

   The other is in April this year, the opening of the 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show, Renault first released its vision for the future F1 car - Concept R.S.2027. The new car is Renault specifically for the 2027 F1 race to build, the body weighs only 600 kg, but it has 1340 horsepower super power. It is reported that the concept of the car's entire cockpit are printed by the 3D technology, through the transparent cockpit fans can see the racing driver every move. Renault also launched the ZOE e-sport concept car during the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, the new car with carbon fiber body, although Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the appearance and old models did not change significantly, but after the battery system upgrade, cash ZOE single charge mileage can be achieved 149 miles. The quality of the vehicle is 1400 kilograms.

   Renault's fourth concept car, SYMBIOZ, will officially unveil the opening of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. At the same time, Renault chief competitor Thierry Polore and Renault Group design senior vice president Lawrence Pressure Sensor van der Arkaike will also come to the scene, and through this concept car to look forward to Renault future traffic vision.