Ever see a celebrity on TV or in a magazine and wish you could afford that designer look? Well, you can. Thanks to the timely and ingenious take-off of dress rental businesses. These online and brick and mortar shops allow you to peruse a jaw-dropping number of designer dresses and then rent them for a fraction of the price.


Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Dress rental services are a real thing, and business is booming. Here’s what you need to know about renting your next hottest look.



1) Latest Looks, One Place


You're not stuck renting dresses that are a few seasons old: dress rental boutiques allow you to rent this season's most coveted designs.


2) Hottest Designers


From established designers to up-and-coming favourites, you can find some of the most inspired and impressive looks to grace the runway  — and they can be yours for your next big event. Or not so big event. It doesn’t matter at these prices.


3) Extremely Affordable


And the prices are amazing. You could have spent thousands of dollars buying a dress you may only wear once, or  — for less than $100  — you can slip into some of the most stunning styles of the season.


4) Fast Shipping


We're not always as prepared for special occasions as we want to be: life gets busy. That's why it's so great that dress rental services can often ship your outfit to you as soon as the next day.



5) No Cinderella Conditions


Unlike Cinderella’s fairy godmother, your dress rental is yours for a more reasonable amount of time. The best dress rental services will give you a few days to enjoy your outfit, so you don’t have to rush off at the stroke of midnight (or the next morning) to return your dress.


6) Insurance, Included


Ever borrowed a dress from a friend or sibling and have a little accident? Ever had that friend or sibling give you the third-degree about a little snafu or rip? Well, you’re spared the lecturing when you rent a dress online. Many dress rental boutiques offer complimentary accident insurance for up to $100 with each rental.


7) No Dry Cleaning Necessary


Dry cleaning is another service most dress rental companies will include in the cost. After all, they are in business to make your life easier and more affordably stylish, and sending you scurrying to the dry cleaner post-event doesn’t really scream ‘hassle-free’.



8) Solid Size Selection


You don’t have to have the body mass index of a runway model to wear the same design. Dress rental businesses (or the good dress rental businesses) will have dresses in a wide range of sizes, so you can slip into the look of your dreams without having to endure the crash diet of your nightmares. What’s more, most companies will go above and beyond, offering a fit guarantee to make sure you get the perfect look at no additional cost.


9) You’ve Got Back Up


This isn’t offered by all companies, but the creme de la creme of dress rental services offer a backup dress option  — just in case the dress you thought you wanted doesn’t look as great as you hoped. Best of all, this backup dress is yours for less than the cost of renting the dress and can go for as little as $15.


10) Advanced Booking


If you want to make sure you’ve got your dress secured, you can book a few months in advance. It will be delivered to you in plenty of time for the event.