Disposals of garbage, sometimes called food eliminators, grind food into small particles that can then fit into the drain of the sink. If the layout does not work, but a snoring sound is heard when lit, chances are good that the immersion is stuck. If no snoring noise occurs, the layout may need to be reset or is simply not receiving power. If the arrangement still does not work, it may be necessary to remove and replace it. Don't forget to check out best garbage disposal reviews from here.

1. Press the red "Reset" button on the base of the layout, and then try turning the layout on.

2. Check the fuse box of the structure of a tripped circuit breaker that has changed to the "Off" position. Toggle the switch to the "On" setting and try the layout again.

3. Disconnect the power cord from the layout, then manually rotate the wheel assembly. Simply insert an Allen wrench into the access hole based on the layout and turn the key. You can also insert a wooden handle, such as a hammer or broom, into the crusher and turn the wheel with the top handle. Press the "Reset" button and attempt to rotate the layout on.

4. Disconnect the power cord from the layout. Remove the hose from the dishwasher from the top of the bottom of the layout. Simply loosen the screw on the clamp with a screwdriver and pull the hose out of its mounting.

5. Remove the continuous waste pipe from the bottom of the underside of the disposal. Loosen the slip nut of the house with a wrench and pull the hose away from the layout.

6. Insert the screwdriver shaft into one of the mounting tabs at the top of the underside of the layout. Turn the layout counterclockwise, using the screwdriver as a lever while maintaining the bottom of the layout, until the elimination comes off the sink.