The global sensor market is showing a rapid growth trend. Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada are the fastest growing regions in the sensor market, while the United States, Germany and Japan remain the largest in the sensor market. In the world, the fastest growing sensor market is still the automotive market. 'No sensor technology is no modern car' has become the industry consensus, which means that the more developed electronic car, the higher the degree Sensor of automation, the greater the dependence on the sensor. In this regard, industry experts believe that the future of new automotive applications will spawn a new car sensor and supporting. The biggest feature of the sensor is the introduction of new technologies to develop new features, the future development trend of automotive sensor technology is miniaturization, multi-functional and intelligent.

    An ordinary household car installed about dozens of sensors, luxury cars on the number of sensors can be as many as 200 only. Vehicle sensors can be divided into three categories: power system, safety management system and body comfort system sensors. One of the largest power system sensor market share, reflecting the most advanced automotive sensor technology. For example, the angle error Suction Control Valve of the accelerator pedal position sensor must be within 0.4%; the throttle position sensor requires extremely high reliability and should be able to work at -50 degrees to 150 degrees.

    In the power system, active sensors lead the development trend. Cam and crankshaft sensors are critical to the power system because they are closely related to the car's 'heart' engine. The active cam sensor and crankshaft sensor can provide more protection for the power system, so it will lead the future development trend. In the safety management system, the pressure sensor to achieve side airbag control. Automotive safety management system is also widely used in the field of sensors. Car side of the airbag control acceleration sensor and pressure sensor two options. Authoritative data show that, compared with the acceleration sensor, the pressure sensor in the detection of the impact of the side of the speed, faster than the acceleration sensor nearly 3 times, and the probability of malfunction is smaller.

  In the car body comfortable system, the door, gearbox, passive safety makes the car more intelligent. In the door module, the door handle, window control using a DC motor position sensor, using a distributed gate module architecture, and connected through the LIN bus. The gearbox is capable of meeting different gearbox position requirements and cost savings by using a 2-axis or 3-axis angle / linear sensor. The specific sensor selection is based on the function and design requirements of the gearbox. Passive safety devices Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor include seat load detection, seat belt open / buckle monitoring, seat position adjustment detection (to ensure effective protection of the airbag system), etc., the details of these controls on the car sensor demand is also very impressive.

   Acceleration, vibration, speed sensors are three main sensors in the measurement of motor vehicle motion, and have maintained a steady and strong growth momentum. Western developed countries emission regulations on the exhaust emissions increasingly stringent requirements, to promote the development of automotive oxygen sensors and production. Has been useful for automotive oxygen sensors are oxidized germanium oxygen sensor, titanium dioxide oxygen sensor and so on several.

    The miniaturized sensor utilizes micromachining technology to package micron-sized sensitive components, signal conditioner, and data processing devices on a single chip. Because of its small size, low cost, easy integration and other characteristics, can improve the system test accuracy, such as the micro-pressure sensor and micro-temperature sensor integrated together, while measuring the pressure and temperature, through the chip operation to eliminate the pressure measurement Temperature effect. At present, many micro-sensors are available, such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, silicon accelerometers ABS Sensor for crash protection, and so on. In the car tire embedded in the micro-pressure sensor can maintain proper inflation, to avoid excessive or insufficient inflation, which can save fuel 10%. The versatility allows the sensor to simultaneously detect two or more characteristic parameters.

   Smart sensors are equipped with dedicated computers, and its rapid development will increase the safety of the car to an unprecedented height. With the development of microelectronics technology and micro-machining technology, the sensor is moving in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function and intelligent. The Chinese market is the fertile ground for the development of vehicle sensors. The increase in the number of cars and the increase in the number of sensors used in each vehicle determines the capacity of China's automotive sensor market will continue to increase, the Chinese sensor market is entering a period of vigorous development.

   Upgrading of automotive technology, domestic and foreign enterprises will be the vehicle sensor technology as the focus of the development of high-tech. Miniaturization, intelligent, non-contact measurement and MEAS sensing technology, will gradually replace Throttle Position Sensor the traditional mechanical, strain gauge, sliding potentiometer and other sensing technology, automotive sensors in the safety, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent will be significant breakthrough.