The University of Michigan has previously collaborated with local governments and businesses and has established a new Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) to build a new generation Sensor of intelligent transportation systems. And the agency's total investment reached 100 million US dollars of the Mcity project open to the outside world.

  As a project to simulate the urban environment in the real world, Mcity covers an area of ​​32 acres and has a closed test area to test the autopilot. , Ford became the first car manufacturer to carry out autopilot testing at Mcity.

    For nearly a decade, Ford has been testing its autopilot, including Fusion models, Fusion, explorers, Taurus and F-150 pickups. The test was conducted at Mcity to accelerate the testing of road diversity and to enhance the use of real-world neighborhoods Suction Control Valve to accelerate research on advanced sensing technology.

   The model was Ford Fusion, which was equipped with a driver support system, including front cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors, and added four Velodyne lidar sensors for real-time tracking Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of vehicle surroundings And in the form of three-dimensional map displayed.

   Mcity has a very similar situation in the real urban environment, such as traffic lights, street lights, pedestrian crossings, lane marking, bike lanes, uphill ramps, trees, fire hydrants, traffic signs, traffic control facilities and even roadblocks. The hybrid version of the Ford Fusion autopilot car test pavement includes concrete, asphalt, simulated bricks and dirt, and the test road scenario has two lanes, three lanes and four lanes as well as ramps, roundabouts and tunnels. Ford's own research projects in the field of automatic driving technology are in line with the planned development Temperature Sensor and are now in the engineering testing phase. The company's R \u0026 D team is also working to promote the viability of sensing and computing technology production plans, and is still through a series of experiments to improve the algorithm.