In addition to the house, the most of the gold belong to the automotive industry. After the unmanned car appeared, the first intuitive effect was a reduction Sensor in driving accidents. Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelson was expected to 2035, because the popularity of unmanned vehicles, traffic accidents will be reduced by 80%.

   Auto insurance market is still increasing every year, the front of the meat also eat endless, not too anxious for the distant future 'worry'. At present, the domestic car insurance market or steady growth. 2016 national auto insurance premium income of 683.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3%. And other auto insurance platform is still to seize the market what is the reason? In fact, they are Temperature Sensor really profitable, is to collect the premium, and then do other investment most of the auto insurance, after receiving premiums, went to continue to run around, to seize more markets - they do not care about the challenges of the technology in the foreseeable future. Too comfortable insurance industry, in the face of the upcoming revolution, is still a 'nothing to do' lazy posture.

  Insurance this piece of meat, car prices have long been eyeing. But trapped in the limited energy, car companies have been afraid to get involved in insurance. In 2000, Ford had tried to integrate from the payment plan to the disposal of waste cars and all other car elements, resulting in business failure, failed. Traditional and old car industry, I am afraid it is difficult to cut off the cake, but the progress of science and technology, but brought a turn for the better. Car networking, positioning and other technologies, so that car manufacturers on Pressure Sensor the vehicle information control, more and more strong. Some domestic car prices are trying to buy insurance agent license or sales license, when unmanned after the launch, the car will be fully grasp the vehicle trajectory, the operation of the risk - they finally wait until the car insurance cake swallowed the opportunity. Automatic driving will turn auto insurance into liability insurance.

   For example, an unmanned car accident, it is no longer man-made operation, may be due to a technical bug, or technical immaturity, this time, to provide technology, you need to buy technology insurance. The accident has nothing to do with people. Pointed out, but the driving time, regional, weather and other environmental factors and the situation of the vehicle itself. After the accident, usually by the intelligent device monitoring records, to determine Speed Sensor the attribution of responsibility. This two years, car finance became the darling of the darling. After the arrival of the unmanned vehicle, the supply chain of the vehicle will change. This trillion of auto financial markets, faced with the fate of being completely remodeled.