Although this Forbes article geared to 50 Something couples certainly contains 8 questions important for couples to ponder, I feel even seniors and singles can learn from and hopefully benefit from the article's contents.  In fact, those who have not reached 50 can too, so I plan to share this with my son.   After reading the points about Long Term Care (LTC) insurance I felt ..Hey I’m doing something right.  I’m saving privately for possible LTC and had somewhat made the decision to do so before my application was denied for health reasons.  But after researching  LTC is had come to the conclusion that policies are tricky, there’s too much chance for large increases in premiums over time and unless a rock solid company is chosen, the possibility that company won’t still be around.  Add to that, the choices can be dizzying.

Have you given thought to any of these questions?  Are any of particular concern to you or have you already worked out the answers to these questions?  Please share your thoughts with us.