For a trekker, The Himalayan range provides a lot of trekking points including world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. It is best feeling for a trekker to trek on these Himalayan ranges as it consists many of the earth’s highest peak. Numbers of peaks are being trekked through Nepal and that is the reason Nepal has become a single point of destination for all trekkers to gather for trekking. Due to this, there is many adventures tour operator in Nepal. They are there to guide you to the top of these peaks.

About Himalaya:     

The name of Himalayan range is derived from Sanskrit. They are popularly known as Himalaya Mountains usually shortened to Himalaya. The major portions or peaks are in Nepal for trekking like Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Kathmandu etc. Many cultural aspects are also related to Himalayas. In Hindu’s ritual books, Himalayas is called Himavath, father of Goddess Parvati. It is also considered to be the father of river Ganges. Himalaya also plays an important role in the climate for the Asian region.

Trekking or expedition:    

The era of commercialization of Himalaya or we can say trekking to the peaks of Himalaya started in 1985. When, a guide expedition reached near Mount Everest led by David Breashears, which include Richard Bass and an amateur mountain climber with only four years of climbing experiences. By the early 1990s, multiple companies were offering guided tours to the mountain peaks. Rob Hall, a mountaineer successfully guided 39 clients to the summit before his death. There is numerous adventures trekking company in Nepal, providing expedition to the various peaks of Himalaya like HimEX, Alpine Ascent, Madison Mountaineering, Mountain Madness etc. 

HIMALAYA Expeditions:    

There are many tour operators, operating from Nepal for trekking to Himalaya. Choosing the best trekking company in Nepal can be little difficult for oneself because of the huge number. In Nepal, Himalaya Expeditions i.e. HimEX has got name and fame because of their services. It is one among the best Himalaya trekking tour operators in Nepal for trekking to Himalayan peaks. It is a sports adventure organization. Its specialty is that its branch offices are throughout Nepal which ensures you to provide best facilities at reasonable rates. It is licensed by Department of Tourism and recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal. If you are willing to trek some of the peaks of Himalaya you can contact them on website i.e. or on tele number (977) 5544 999, 553 900.