1.Never give up and never say never

2.Be relentless with your research.

3.Deliver the WOW in every area of your renovation.

4.Embrace change and think outside the square.  

5.Have fun at work and in life 

6.Build trust and respect in your relationships for they are the rocket fuel of your success.

7.Do more with less; don’t be intimidated by a tight budget, look on it as a challenge.  

8.Look on problems as the stepping-stones to achievement.

9.If there is something you don't want to so, do it anyway.

10.Be passionate, generous and humble.

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Bernadette Janson is a professional renovator and founder of the School of Renovating, founded with a mission of helping women to secure their financial futures by learning how to do renovations within a proven system. Visit www.theschoolofrenovating.com to learn more about Bernadette.