Watching a baby to grow gradually is not lesser than joy for parents. Many parents want to observe their babies to grow and they keep video records as well as still photos when babies hit certain milestones. For a baby, the first milestone is to learn rolling over. You can surely consider that your baby is growing up perfectly, when baby start rolling over on the bed. This is considered as a critical time for the growth of the babies. Rolling is the stage which helps in learning crawling, sitting, standing, etc. Thus, rolling on the bed is an important thing for all babies.

9 out of 10 babies roll over on the bed after certain point of time. In only a few cases, babies do not roll over. Now, it is difficult to say whether it is abnormality or not. You need to contact specialized pediatrician who can enlighten you on this regard. Through various tests and observation, doctors will conclude that state of normality or abnormality when your baby does not roll over. So, the question is when do babies roll over? The ideal age for rolling over is 4 months. However, few babies start rolling over earlier, and some babies learn to roll later. If it is already 5 months for your baby, and if it has not started rolling over, you should consult a doctor.

Keeping Eyes on Baby

As your baby starts growing, it needs vigilance from parents. When it starts rolling over on the bed, you need keep eyes on baby all the time. You even need to be careful when baby is sleeping. You do not know when it shall come out of the sleep and start flipping on the bed. While rolling over the bed, it may come to the edges and that could possible cause accidents. Baby may fall on the floor from bed, and due to that your baby may get some physical damages.

Add Pillows on Edges of Bed

Though it is recommended that parents should keep eyes on their babies when they start rolling over, it is literally impossible to vigil babies for throughout the day on regular basis. Thus, when you leave your baby alone on the bed, make sure that you add pillows on the edges. This will protect or prevent babies from falling on the floor from bed.

Helping Babies to Roll Over

Some babies need help from parents to roll over at the initial stages. It is a common thing for the babies to roll over. But, some babies cannot do that naturally. They need help from parents. Despite of help, if your baby does not roll over, you should consult a doctor. However, there is nothing abnormal if your baby does not roll over at all. In fact, some babies learn to roll over late and learning it late is not unusual as well.

Keeping these things in mind will definitely help you to ensure the best form of safety for your baby. For good parenting, knowing these basic things is essential.


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