Samsung Electronics as a latecomer to the unmanned car market, has recently accelerated the pace of catching up. Its first goal is to enter the driver auxiliary system field. At present, the leader in this field is Intel's an Israeli technology company Mobileye, its products have been put into use in high-end cars, Samsung Chief Strategy Officer Sun Jingquan said in an interview. Samsung wants to stand Sensor out in the unmanned market, the long way forward. But Samsung already has several basic technologies. Car manufacturers are very worried about unmanned leader Mobileye, while Samsung is trying to take advantage of this.

  Samsung and several companies will work together, will be launched in a few months after their own 'advanced auxiliary driving system' technology, the ADAS system. The final product will include Harman International's industrial technology, such as remote upgrade software. Harman in the car audio and infotainment system, one of the few suppliers, recently by Samsung to more than 8 billion US dollars huge acquisition. The acquisition of Harman for Samsung to open up the unmanned automotive technology market sales channels, this market may be more profit margins. The electronics giant set a small goal, plans to provide a complete car manufacturers Temperature Sensor unmanned vehicles. In May this year, Samsung's unmanned vehicles were allowed to carry out road tests in South Korea, the car is loaded with Samsung's own software, but the industry is not the main Samsung as the industry. Sun Yingquan said, to achieve completely unmanned, five years is impossible.

  The advanced driver assistance system will be worth tens of billions of dollars in a few years. This system helps to reverse the trend of increasing traffic accidents. However, Samsung's development of ADAS into the market may also be several years, because the car manufacturers through the new system has a long lead time. Samsung imitation speed, keep up with the trend, in the smart phone and component sales results quite abundant. But to catch up with the pace of unmanned car technology development is not easy. At present, think of semi-automatic and unmanned vehicles equipped with sensors and software portfolio of auto parts suppliers long queue, which has Mobileye help of the Delphi car. The former this week by Intel to 15.3 billion acquisition. Mobileye has occupied the initiative. Last year Mobileye sales reached 358 million, profits reached 30%. Based on the camera-driven driving support system market, Mobileye's market share is as high as 80%. Its system depends on the microchip and image recognition algorithms are Mobileye own. Other vendors equipped with camera-based driver assistance systems include veteran Bosch, Autoliv and Ma. Unmanned, 'like a small data center in the trunk' Samsung to take Pressure Sensor team operations, long board fill short board. Sun Yingquan called 'open platform'. Samsung will develop 'security-related middleware', that is, the different parts of the system to connect the software.

  Car manufacturers will pick up their system components to form the system, which may have Samsung supply components, such as camera modules, memory chips, micro-chip and can quickly send and receive data modem (modem). In addition, Harman also has some related technologies, including security software and management of cloud software updates. Tesla is to use Haman technology to semi-automatic driving software to push updates. Samsung may work with other sensors and software development companies to complete the package. To achieve full unmanned driving may require a 'lidar' sensor. If you can not own or the acquisition company can not produce sensors, Samsung may Speed Sensor join their own investment in laser radar start-ups, such as Quanergy and TetraVue. As for Samsung will work with which high-definition map and unmanned software companies, is still unknown.