The mission of the San Francisco Parks alliance is to inspire and promote the civic engagement and philanthropy to protect and sustain and enrich the city's heart recreation and green-open space. In the month of February, Oz Erickson, Alistair Margarita, and various other prominent figures of the city gathered to make a highly unusual announcement about the new edition of public park system in San Francisco. Oz Erickson, the owner of Emerald Fund, on the occasion said, “This gift gives us an enormous amount of pleasure. Over the last 38 years, SF has been incredible to us, and it is truly marvellous to pay back a little bit of our debt. We love the city and we are so honour to be able to help in this smaller way.”

Oz Erickson, key of Emerald Fund, has given many lodging units, workplaces, retail, and a lavish inn with 200 rooms in San Francisco city. His fundamental concentrate is on moderate lodging in the city for individuals with low wage. He has given about $3 billion incentive to the city so far to diminish the high leases. He has over 35 years involvement in the land industury, which encourages regardless him recognising and planning new tasks.