SBI New ATM Charges W.E.F 1st June 2017: Hi dear user as we know that, State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the best and popular banks of India. There is important information, what is very necessary to know. The information is that last month as the entire users know that the State Bank of India (SBI ) has changed some of the rules related to the fee. So, dear user according to changing the rule, charges will be applicable to many services of State Bank of India.

That is more important to know that on which services the charges will be applicable. As cash transactions, ATM withdrawal, issues of check books, online fund transfer, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) and exchange of soiled notes. From 1 June 2017 charges will be imposed on all these services as mentioned above. Kindly remember that State Bank of India has made it clear to its entire mobile Wallet State Bank Buddy user that on June 1, 2017, every ATM Card will be charged Rs. 25. Free transactions are as follows:

About transactions:

User who are having savings account will be able to make about 8 transactions. In which there is also a condition one can withdraw money “5” times from SBI Bank ATMs and “3” times from other Bank ATMs” in the Metro Cities.

On the other hand you can withdraw the money “10” times in which the same above condition is applicable you can do “5” times from SBI Bank ATMs and “5” times from other Bank ATMs” in non - Metro cities. If any Indian State Bank customers do any transactions other than this, then they will have to pay.

The changes made to the services by the State Bank of India are as follows: (SBI New ATM Charges)

New Charges of Cash withdrawal

Dear user as we informed you above that the SBI Bank issued new rule. The entire original savings bank account holders will get free withdrawal facility not only once and twice whereas 4 times (including ATM withdrawals) in 1 month. If any of you go for the additional transaction then you will have to pay around Rs.50 and the service fee will be charged from the branch of the State Bank of India and Rs.20 from the ATMs of other banks and the service charges separately.

SBI New ATM Charges

Now, there is good news for those users who are having RuPay Classic Card. If any customer of State Bank of India who took ATM Card after 1st June 2017, then those customer will have to pay ATM Debit Card Fee. As we informed you above Only RuPay Classic Card account holder will get a great discount.

New Charges on Online Fund Transfer

It’s time to know about new charges, you had better to read following details so that you may know latest charges.

  • Being a customer of SBI if you transmit an online fund transfer from upto 1 lakhs by IMPS, then you will have to pay Rs.5 plus service on each transaction separately.
  • If you go above 1 to 2 lakhs then you will have to pay Rs.15 for service transactions and service tax.
  • If you want to go more than 2 lakhs upto 5 lakhs then you have to pay Rs.25 per transaction and service tax.

New Charge on Cheque book

If any customer of SBI wants to have check book after 1st June 2017, kindly remember savings bank account holders will also have to pay charge for taking a new check book. These charges are as follows:

  • If you want to avail of 10 leaf cheque book then you will have to pay Rs.30 service fee.
  • Customers have to pay Rs.75 service charges, if they want to have 25 Leaf Cheque book.
  • For 50 Leaf Cheque book, customer have to pay a service charge of Rs 150/-

Charge on exchange of soiled notes

According to the new rule of State Bank of India, in order to exchange the notes if any SBI client comes to carry dirty / torn notes, then customers have to pay extra charges. These charges are as follows:

  • If someone exchanges about 20 dirty / torn notes whose value is upto Rs.5000 then there is no any charge applicable.
  • If any of the customers comes to carry more than 20 dirty / torn notes for exchanging, whose value is Rs.5000 then you have to pay service fee as below
    • Rs.2 on every note


  • Rs.5 amount of each Rs.1000

New Charges on Cash transaction through banking correspondents

There are many customers who are willing to know new charges on cash transaction. If any customer of State bank of India deposits upto Rs 10000/- in SBI then he will not have to pay any charges at all. On depositing more than this, customers have to pay 0.25% or minimum Rs.2 and maximum Rs.8 as service tax.

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