Scandinavia includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia is a region of lush lands, breathtaking waterways, mountain peaks and colorful towns decorating the coastlines. The Nordic region offers some of the most picturesque landscapes known to man. Travel to Scandinavia is a great option for leisure, vacation or a travel destination, with plunging waterfalls, undisturbed ecosystems, expansive forests, vast archipelagos and rugged cliffs, there’s plenty to discover. Take a look at some of the most beautiful places in Scandinavia.

Copenhagen, Denmark-
If you are travelling Europe, check for European airlines service Scandinavian airports. Copenhagen the Danish capital combined with the best qualities of Scandinavia and being a fashionable area in the region. It is a city centered with art and culture and many galleries and museums. Artworks can be seen just by walking in the streets. Christiania is a self-proclaimed free town in the capital’s neighborhood. The residents and guests can enjoy and spend a free spirit of fashion and lifestyle here. Elegant Copenhagen has it all, from gorgeous architecture, remarkable museums and galleries, charming canals, culturally diverse neighborhoods, a beautiful botanical garden, green parks, plenty of trendy cafes, exciting night club and the longest shopping street in Europe.


Stockholm, Sweden-
Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic center of Sweden and is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world with around 100 museums, visited by millions of people every year. While traveling to Scandinavia, You can find those pretty colorful houses, friendly people and cold weather in winter. Visit the museums, restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques and find plenty of opportunities to visit various cultural events, places to eat and shop.

Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm Metro Station, Stockholm-
Sweden Stockholm Metro Station known as the world’s longest art gallery the metro station with some exciting paintings. The colorful rugged surface of the walls and ceilings gives a strange impression of furious space. The primary goal was to bring art to public by using the public space. The idea today made this the most popular, exciting and attractive metro station in the world.

Stockholm Metro Station

The Rapa River, Sweden-
The river passes some incredible sites, while it stretches from its source to Lake Tjaktjajaure. The most renowned part of the river is the Laitaure Delta at the mouth of the lake. Due to the unspoiled nature and rough landscape the area sometimes is referred to as the Alaska of Europe. There is certainly an impressive wildlife to discover. The site is found near Sarek National Park that attracts travelers.

Rapa River, Sweden

The Troll Wall, Norway-
Trolltindene Mountain in the Romsdalen valley is the tallest vertical rock in Europe. It is famous for its steep mountains, deep valleys, and spectacular beauty. It is an attractive challenge for the climbers and base jumpers. It is one of the famous rocks for the climbers with many climbing and hiking options in the region. How about a trekking plan while you are on the Travel to Scandinavia.

The Troll Wall Norway

Stay at Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway-
The Snow Hotel in Norway is a unique destination hotel with lots of room inside and beautifully lighted artwork made of snow. The hotel is exclusively built with ice and snow, but there are normal beds with mattresses for a healthy sleep comfort. Staffs are present during the night for secure safe overnight in their Snowsuits. A normal health condition is required for an overnight stay in the Snow hotel. Your travel to Scandinavia is easier with such boarding options.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel Norway

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