Speech Therapy Pathology:- Speech Therapy pathology is used to provide the treatment for the adults and children which are having some problems in communication, swallowing and related disorders. Speech therapy pathology is the dynamic profession.


Scope of Speech Therapy Pathologist:- Speech Therapy Pathologist is the person who practice in the area of communication and swallowing. They will provide the treatment for the children in schools by taking the permission form administrator and education staff. They use special education program for children.


Speech Therapy Infographic


Aim of Speech Therapy:- The main aim of the speech therapy is to enhance the speech and language skills and the oral functionality. It is helpful for the children who have started talking but their speech or language is not clear to anyone. Speech therapy pathologist use some toys and signs to enhance the speech and language skills.


Speech Therapy Facilities:-

 1. Hearing Impairment and cochlear implant

2. Stuttering

3. Voice Therapy

4. Aphasia

5. Celebral Palsy

6. Mental Retardation




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Speech Therapy Pathologist helps adults and children. They provide the treatment related to swallowing, communication and related disorders.


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