We can not fight the unprepared battle to ensure the safety of the rainy season, we should first understand the configuration from the beginning of their own car. In fact, at the beginning of the car design, engineers have taken into account the rainy season for the safety of the impact, so there has been like a wiper for the rain conditions tailored configuration. With the continuous improvement Sensor of the level of science and technology, the car configuration list appeared in a variety of comfortable, safe configuration.

   For the rain and fog weather when the road lighting before the fog lights on the car is a more common configuration. Because the fog visibility is low, the driver's sight will be limited. And yellow fog light penetration of light, you can make cars or pedestrians in the distance to find each other, thereby enhancing traffic safety. Fog days visibility is low, will lead to driver's line of sight is limited. And yellow fog light penetration of light, you can make fuel metering valve cars or pedestrians in the distance to find each other, thereby enhancing traffic safety.

  The wiper is the first line of defense to get rid of the rain, and the rain sensor is equipped with rain, can automatically adjust the speed of the wiper can make you more calmly deal with rain road conditions, it can sense the size of the rain sensor sensor, Running speed, so you do not have to manually switch the wiper and adjust the speed of the wiper, so concentrate on driving.

  Rainy days due to the lower temperature of the rain, attached to the glass after the glass temperature will lower than the temperature inside the car, then the car in the air vapor will condense on the glass, hinder the driver line of sight. In addition to the way you can use air conditioning de-fog, some luxury models are equipped with front windshield heating function, can also solve this problem. The rearview mirror is the primary source of external information such as the driver getting the rear, side and bottom of the car. And the front windshield heating function is similar to the rearview mirror heating is also embedded in the lens after the heating wire heating the way to ensure that the lens surface is clear. And the line auxiliary function can reduce the rainy day Speed Sensor and the line when the risk of cutting the increase. And line assistance is generally located in the rear of the exterior mirrors, if there are other vehicles near the blind area, the indicator light will light, to remind the driver attention. ESP is the body stability control system, as a car is a very important active security configuration. In case of sudden danger of emergency braking or parallel, ESP can play a very big role. The safety system has a number of sensors, and through the ECU computer monitoring to determine the current state of the vehicle, a single wheel to exert braking force to maintain the maximum smooth vehicle to avoid the danger.

  When the rain is driving, the road slippery tires have poor adhesion. When the wheel slip, ESP can be a certain degree of body posture correction, through the corresponding wheel brake, and a reasonable driving force distribution, so that vehicles to keep track. Of course, ESP still has its own working limit, if you regardless of once trying to cross the limit, then ESP can not save you back. Although Throttle Position Sensor the configuration of the rainy season traffic safety can not be 100% to ensure that the driver in the rainy season driving safety, but it can allow the driver to maximize the rainy season to avoid some of the risks. Of course, the most important thing is slow down the slow, careful observation of the surrounding situation to ensure safety.