Seat belt principle is very simple but to enhance the safety is still very important, it is the seat belt is not prompted. Although this feature Sensor is very simple to achieve, and the cost will not be high, but we think this is very important, because the Department of seat belts, our lives have some security protection. In addition, to remind you not to buy seat belt buckle.

Car care for children. Many years ago because there was no child safety control system, the casualty rate of children in traffic accidents was very high. In order to better protect the petite children in the event of a collision, the engineers invented the child's safety seat. Children's safety seat interface is divided into two kinds of ISOFIX and LATCH, the former from the European standards, the latter Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor comes from the US standard, the difference between the two is a fixed way, there are LATCH interface car can be installed ISOFIX interface Seat, but only support ISOFIX interface car can not use the LATCH interface child seat, the current domestic car prices are mostly used ISOFIX standard.

ISOFIX interface, child safety seat installation is relatively simple, only need to children's safety seat socket and the rear seat of the interface at the entrance, and then support the ground to the floor on the OK. These configurations Temperature Sensor are in order to occur when the accident, as much as possible to reduce the harm, that is, we said passive security configuration, this is not the best solution to the problem,