People that suffer from allergies know the discomfort, irritation and frustration they need to face. Sometimes these allergies go out of hand, and they give rise to life threatening situations. Till date scientists could not find valid reasons as to what could trigger off allergic reactions in people. These seasonal discomforts to life threats- what is the real cause and why do people suffer?

New research on a unique cell that is the cause of allergies

The above question can perhaps be answered by extensive research conducted by Seattle scientists recently have revealed that there is only one cell that people suffer from allergies have. This one cell is the cause of allergic reactions in people. This research and finding have been conducted at The Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle. The scientists here say this cell is a particular form of Th2- this is the name of an immune cell that helps your body fight virus and bacteria. This cell also is the cause of allergies as well when your body tries to fight off allergens like pet dander, pollen and peanuts.

Understanding how allergies work

Dr Erik Wambre led the team of researchers. They have been studying these immune cells for seven years. This is how they discovered that people with allergies have a particular type of cell called the Th2 cell that individuals who do not suffer from allergies do not have. This is the first category that the researchers here have identified and also been able to target this unique type of cell that is said to trigger off allergies. They could not determine the bad cells that caused allergies. In the past, there was no distinction made by the good and bad cells that were responsible for allergies in the body. However, this new research has opened new light, and it is anticipated that this information can transform the way medical experts and doctors treat allergies in their patients today.

Treatment can be faster and more accurate

The scientists here have studied six common allergies in people- they are dust mites, mould, grass pollen, pet dander, peanuts and tree pollen. They found that this specialised cell is responsible for triggering allergic reactions in people. This cell gives them an insight into how these allergies work. Like for instance, people that have an allergy to grass pollen have high rates of this cell during pollen seasons.

In the case of peanuts, it has been observed that the amount of this cell reduced when they were exposed to more peanuts. As the cell count reduced, people became less allergic. The significant use of this allergy is doctors can now be sure of the intensity of the allergic reaction in people and whether the treatment for the allergy is working well on them or not.

The above discovery is a breakthrough, and it will surely pave the future and way on how allergic reactions will be treated in people. Doctors too will get an accurate diagnosis and can determine the volume of treatment that should be done on the person with success!


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