I was reading the Craigslist ads when I came upon an ad that read "Free Scaly Breasted Lorikeet".  I was amazed.  I thought for sure that it was probably gone.  Loris and Lorikeets are a fairly rare bird; they are not easy to come upon.Especially being free. 

Loris and Lorikeet eat nectar and can be very messy birds since they have a liquid diet which give them a very loose, liquidity stool. But they are beautiful birds in very vibrant colors and are usually very friendsly, curious birds. There was only an email address, I sent an email they returned my email telling me that she was indeed still available. 

The woman gave me her phone number and said that she was going out of town but her brother would be in town and he would meet me.  She gave me their address.  My husband and I drove out to the address she gave which was outside of town in a gated community.  We were met by the woman's brother who took us to their backyard where there was a fairly large aviary with just one small green bird who seemed happy to have some company.  Poor bird all by herself outside in a pretty secluded area.  He put on these very heavy gloves to get her.  He explained to us that he and his sister had purchased her to breed her but they couldn't find a male to breed with her.  So they gave up and didn't want her anymore.  They had her sexed and she was a girl.  I explained to him that some birds are very hard to find a mate for.  I had a bird called a Kakarikis that was a male that I had  for at least 20 years that was a male and I always looked for a female to keep him company not for breeding or selling but just to keep him company and at the times I was looking could never find one.  (Now they are more readily available, but unfortunately the male has since died). He caught her and she did not seem to struggle and he put her in the cage and he gave me the remaining nectar powder he had left.  I thanked him and we left. 

In the car Jewel (I named her Jewel because she has such sparking green, yellow and red colors like jewels) was very calm and started chirping and singing.  She didn't seem frightened at all.  Some birds get scared when you bring them home and won't make any noise.  Jewel jumped on the wire and looked at me and I stuck my finger by the wire and I wanted to pet her but I was afraid because of the gloves that the man who owned her before wore. 

I've owned Jewel for over a year now she is a very sweet bird.  I found out by accident when I opened her cage to clean it and take her fruit and vegetable bowl out how sweet Jewel really was.  She jumped on my shoulder and she scared the hell out of me because when she first did this I thought she was going to bite the hell out of me. But instead she started running around my chest to my other shoulder and she especially loves my lips.  She bobs up and down and says, "come on, come her." She has to stop at my lips and touch them.  Jewel is the funniest bird to watch.  She is a little clown.  If I let her she would hang on me most of the day.  I had never really grabbed her because I thought she would bite me but she always lets me pet her and she is so soft.  Usually she jumps off my shoulder and gets back in her cage but she wouldn't get off so I grabbed her and but her in her cage.  She didn't try to bite me at all.  I was amazed.  But I shouldn't have been.  Because she loves like I love her.

My point to this story is people buy a bird and don't keep them long enough to see how they are.  They want to use them for breeding which isn't really so bad in the bird world because a lot of birds are not as plentiful like dogs and cats.  Birds don't breed like dogs and cats anyway.  They don't always breed.  You can't count on them to make you money.  People also get rid of them because they throw seed and drop feather on the floor.  That's the way birds are people! Do your research before you buy a bird.  Read a book about the bird you're interested in or look online.  Birds also bite, very hard.  They usually do that because they are unhappy.  But for all their faults they can be a better pet than a dog or a cat.  They love you more.  They are a lot of work.  So think about it before you buy a bird.  But sometimes I'm glad you got rid of them because I got some beautiful babies.