So if you're one of those who have a loved one, who is living hundreds of miles away and if you're one of those who are already beginning to think that all this is impossible and unrealistic… think again!

In fact, we often impose a stereotype that a “happy end” is hardly possible in a long distance relationship and that all such relationships end leaving a huge mark on your soul. In practice, it is not true, and everything is 100% dependent on the two of you. 

So according to statistics, approximately 700,000 Americans are living in different cities, but at the same time, they are considered as one family and the majority develop relationships quite successfully. So how can you develop a successful relationship remaining at a distance? How can you strengthen the relationship at a distance?

Build a plan, talk about your expectations

Plan your relationship together, building a certain schedule. So, for example, agree that daily or every two days you will be in touch by e-mail, chat several times a week by phone, meet in person at least once every two months, etc. Such a schedule of communication also helps to ensure that your relationship is, at least will not fade.

Do not hesitate to express your feelings

Sometimes it’s difficult for couples who live together to express feelings. This means that it’s much more difficult for those who live at a distance! So speak to each other every day about what's happening in your life, and talk about good and joyful moments, as well as the difficulties. Many people underestimate this daily communication and exchange of information on daily basis, but in the end, when people meet after a while, they do not know what happened to their loved ones for a certain period of time and feel like strangers. 

Appreciate your independence

Loved ones should not take all your time. You may also have friends, interesting work, hobbies. In other words, do not limit yourself. Rather than sitting around and waiting for a new flight, develop as an individual, open up new opportunities and horizons for yourself. So you will spend time with benefit to yourself, moreover, you will not notice how time flies.


In a long distance relationship it is very important that both of you believe that you have a chance to overcome distance, even a few thousand kilometers. Many couples break up, precisely because they no longer believe that they can overcome the distance.

Believe in your relationship, no matter what, and support each other.