Yesterday I indulged myself by celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my blog

Some folks considered that a pretty big deal.

But, some folks did not consider that much of a milestone.

If you listen closely you could hear what these people were saying.

        "So what, if blogging is work then you have been at it a year." 

              "I've been at the same job for over 25 years straight."

You know what?

They may be right but they aren't accurate.

Sure, I have only been at it a year but it seems like it has been a lifetime in the planning.

And yes, blogging is work (most times very hard work) but it is not my job.

It's a passion.

I guess the point I am try to make here on this wonderful
"Fervid Friday" is that there will always be people in your lives that
will try to minimize your success.

The world is an extremely competitive place.

When folks realize that you have achieved the success that has
eluded them, they feel like you are beating them at the game of life.

Very few people like to lose or can even do it graciously.

Make sure to keep your priorities in perspective.

Everyone has their own definition of success.

Believe it or not, most people are afraid of success.

They are either afraid to take the first step that will put them on the road to success or they are afraid that they will fail along the way.

I treat my 1 year anniversary as a success.

I took the first step............. the hardest step........... over a year ago.

I still may fail but it won't stop me from being successful.

Yesterday, I actually received two cards (and a bottle of Layer Cake Cabernet) in celebration of my success with

What they said touched me deeply so I wanted to share them with you.


is not about

the car you drive -

it's about the place you are going.

It's not about how you look -

it's about how you see yourself.

It's not about who you know -

it's about who you are.......


Behind every success is effort.....

Behind every effort is passion.....

Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try.

These two cards have supplied me with enough motivational energy to make it to my next anniversary.

I hope you are there with me to celebrate.

If you are still unsure of how to achieve your own success let me give you these 3 tips:

1.  Take the first step.

2.   Enjoy every little success and every little failure you have along the way.

3. Celebrate when you have made it.

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