Tesla's $ 50 billion market capitalization has surpassed Ford and GM, ranking the top of the nation's largest carmaker. The stock price does not seem to be sustainable. Traditional car manufacturers declared high-profile war, Volvo and Volkswagen have announced a large-scale into the field of electric vehicle manufacturing, and compared to Tesla, they have greater production advantages. Volvo said that since the launch Sensor of the new models in 2019 will be all driven by electric vehicles; Volkswagen also said that the new hatchback electric car Neo is equivalent to the Golf version of the Golf, the price consistent with the Golf, and mileage can reach 600 km. This means that traditional car manufacturers still have Tesla do not have the ability.

  China's electric car manufacturers are also a threat to Tesla. BYD to expand production lines in the United States, BYD will sell more electric buses in the United States. Compared to the annual sales of 76,000 Taiwan, BYD electric car sales fuel metering valve  have reached 10 million units. And BYD because of the advantages of battery life, in the US electric bus market share is much higher than other competitors. BYD said its battery has been able to achieve 12 years of service life.

  Security is also a major risk of Tesla. Recently, a Tesla Model S turned out of control in Minnesota, out of the road overturned, drivers and four passengers were slightly injured. It was alleged that the driver was driving autopilot mode at the time, and the vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing the road to go out. Utopilot's flaw is not the first time being questioned. Last year in September Tesla took place in the United States, the first autopilot driving accident. Despite the difficulties, but Tesla still face a great opportunity. Tesla Model3 released as much as Apple released iPhone. This means that Tesla will be able to be ordinary consumers to accept the electric car into the 'ordinary people home'. More importantly, the popularity Temperature Sensor of Model 3 will also change people's views on the new mode of transport, which the next decade the wisdom of urban development and the promotion of energy-saving significance. Tesla has joined the French renewable energy company Neoen in South Australia announced a global largest lithium battery factory investment.

From Tesla to SpaceX, to the recent Boring Company, no one will doubt Maske's strategic vision. Now for Tesla, the biggest question is how to honor these commitments made by Mask. Because when the electric car Speed Sensor to really achieve mass production time, it is difficult to avoid the traditional manufacturers and will face the same problem, Tesla must pay attention to quality rather than speed, because any small mistake will make the company pay a huge price.