I found a job was told it was permanent, it ended up being a temp job, nothing like a dishonest employer.   Then I found another job, it was just PT, different hours throughout the week too, not sure why, lost that job, did not know anything about guns, and as a CSR I expected people would phone in order #'s, no, that was not the case.  Five huge catalogs to go through to look for gun parts I knew nothing about.   Left that job.   Sent out over 300 resumes, it was like a production line in our living room lol., cover letters in one pile, resume in the other, then stapled each together, put them in envelopes, spent a ton of money on stamps needless to say, only heard from 2 places who did not have a job for me.  Then there was another job, several towns away, at this point I was ready to travel.   I phoned to inquire about the job if it was still available.  It was, and because of that call I got an interview.   Was told they had 800 applicants just for that one job.  I did not get that job only because I had not actually used Excel on a job, just had it in college recently.   Yes, late bloomer here, went back to college in my 50's lol.

So, I had resigned myself to just staying home, taking my social security early, like this year since I've been living solely off of my savings with no other income.  Just one big problem with that.  My bf who lives with me, he went to a job interview the other day, when he came home he said "Guess what, I got you a job too".  I was in shock, well...that was an understatement lol.  The man said to run it by me, I told him to tell his new employer I was interested, but now I'm a physical wreck, my nerves are on edge.   Any pointers on how to relax?   My anxiety is pretty high at this moment.   I don't even know when I start the job yet, my bf is bringing him my resume tonight.