Most seniors and persons approaching (or over) the age of 55 reportedly enjoy sex much better than they used to when they were young lads. This is mainly because the children have already grown (and probably moved out), and one doesn’t have to use up all his/her energy on work. Seniors tend to have more time in their hands, hence have every opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without any distraction. Although senior sex gets better as time goes by, proper communication and a little creativity are needed to improve your sex life. Discussed below are a few tips on how to improve sex life at any stage/age.

1. Communication Leads To Real Intimacy

Our bodies and emotions change/evolve as we get older, which is why proper communication is needed especially when expressing your feeling, thoughts, desires, and even fears with your partner. As long as you can communicate with each other properly, you should then be able to find out what makes the other person happy, hence be able to work towards pleasurable sex. Communication also brings you closer to your partner. With plenty of time in your hands, you can learn new ways to make your sex life much better, enjoyable, and pleasurable. There are some great tips for all ages on this relationship site.

2. Approach Sex Differently

Some sex positions that used to ‘rock’ during your days could turn out uncomfortable or hurt to some extent. This means you need to have a different approach to sex positions, as well as go for what makes you comfortable. As mentioned earlier, proper communication will lead you to levels you have never reached before in your sex life. Seniors need to be creative with how they engage each other. The best way to do this is by going on a sex adventure and trying out various positions before settling for a few that both of you feel are comfortable. For those suffering from low libido or erectile dysfunction, you can try positions that require the woman on top. You need to extend sexual generosity during your senior age, as this is the only time you can make the most out of it. Sex shouldn’t be about intercourse alone. Venture in other romantic moves and gestures such as kissing, touching, holding hands, as well as sensual massage especially when together. Masturbation and oral sex may also help spice your sexual life a bit as well.

3. Maintain A Healthy Mind And Body

Just because you are approaching old age doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise or eat a balanced diet. It is through regular body exercise that your body cells can be revitalized, as well as improve your sex drive. With a healthy body, you will be able to enjoy sex much better than someone with a health condition. Vegetables and fruits should be your best friend at this stage as you need as much energy and vitamins as possible. It would also be advisable to reduce or quit drinking altogether. Some regular body exercise such as aerobics, walking, swimming, or even taking part in outdoor activities can benefit your sexual life significantly.

4. Consult A Healthcare Provider

Seniors are more susceptible to illnesses and health conditions that require different forms of medication. If on medication, check with your doctor how the drugs will affect your sexual life, and if there are alternatives for the same. If these drugs make you weak, you should then request for a change immediately. Should you however experience sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, or sexual anxiety, it would then be best to consult a health practitioner for help with the same.