The sensor industry is in the transition from traditional to new sensors. The new sensor is mainly manifested in miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, multi-functional, systematic and network, and many other aspects, it is not only conducive to the sensor industry to upgrade the industry, but also to promote the 21st century, China's industrial upgrading Sensor and transformation. Miniaturization based on MEMS technology, has been successfully produced air pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, VOC gas sensors and other environmental monitoring products. The advancement of MEMS technology will deepen the research on the ecological environment and promote the application of environmental monitoring.

   With China's environmental monitoring work to promote a comprehensive distribution, grid management, environmental sensors are playing a full role in environmental monitoring. The current environment sensor market there is still a serious trend, quite a mixed problem, the sensor itself also exists precision, cost, power and other aspects of the defects. 2017 as the 'gas ten' ending years, the environment sensor market is bound to in full swing. SENSOR CHINA will hold the 'Environmental Monitoring Application Seminar' during the exhibition, with domestic Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor environmental protection bureaus, environmental monitoring centers, third party testing organizations, environmental engineering companies, sensor design enterprises, solution providers, system integrators such as SGX , UST, Ruhr things together, together to explore the environmental sensor 'spring', toward the goal of sustainable development, the Earth's 'blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers' out of a Mianbozhili!
    Domestic and foreign sensor companies have entered the field of environmental protection, billions of market is about to fully outbreak. Throughout the environmental monitoring equipment industry, environmental sensors because of its portable, intelligent, diversified and other characteristics by the public favor. It enables us to perceive the surrounding environment, real-time detection of air pressure, temperature, humidity, air quality and other data, and then applied to the community, public utilities, intelligent factories, home safety and health, robot and other fields. Environmental monitoring technology upgrade with the national environmental testing industry policy tilt Temperature Sensor and capital investment increased, as well as the whole society to raise awareness of environmental issues, environmental monitoring equipment industry will continue the boom, environmental monitoring will become the next wave of MEMS sensor development A major direction.