Infineon Technologies, Inc., together with XMOS, has introduced a new voice recognition component. The component combines Infineon's radar and silicon microphone sensors with XMOS's audio processors to perform far-field Sensor speech recognition through audio beamforming and radar target location detection. These devices are integrated together to achieve optimal speech recognition, and can achieve the perfect implementation of voice control equipment. Target applications include smart home, smart TV and set-top boxes, secure keyless entry systems and other voice-activated consumer electronics devices.

   The performance of the current MEMS microphone will limit the effectiveness of the system: in the multi-person voice, the sound source of the authenticity and location can not be accurately identified, and can not be separated from the inanimate body noise. Infineon's 60 GHz 2Tx / 4Rx radar IC with antenna and 70dB SNR microphone can help overcome these problems. The microphone Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is based on Infineon's dual-back-pole MEMS technology and is ideal for far-field voice capture and beamforming. In addition, the optimization of the microphone signal-to-noise ratio will further improve performance.

   The XMOS audio processor analyzes the signal data from the Infineon digital microphone array, adjusts the angle and distance data for each microphone, and forms the beam at the angle determined by Temperature Sensor the radar data. The LED lights indicate presence detection and sound source location.