Opportunities and challenges are always coexist, with the integrated development of electronic devices, the requirements for the sensor gradually increased, in order to meet market demand, the sensor began from a single performance Sensor to miniaturization, digital and intelligent direction. As a detection device, the sensor can be sensed by the outside world information, and according to certain rules to convert it into electrical signals, because of its unique, processed into a variety of sensors, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, motion sensors, fingerprint sensors , The application area is almost related to all aspects of society.

    Sensors as a recognized potential shares, the future is almost related to the development of various fields, for the problems faced by state-owned enterprises, one, grasp the market structure, determine the direction of development. Always pay attention to the dynamic development of foreign sensor industry, and the gap between foreign countries also let us identify Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the future direction of development, we need to innovate and develop, can not meet and catch up with the pace of foreign, more important is beyond. Second, increase technology research and development, promote market development. Intelligent development of the sensor at the same time the prospects also show that we increase investment in research in various fields at the same time, also need to provide the appropriate development of the sensor funds, which for the development of the entire industry chain play a leading role. Third, the national policy to relax, pay attention to enterprise development. For the sensor market, should be supported accordingly, relax the policy, cultivate potential enterprises, promote business leaders, increase international competitiveness.

China's sensor market, although there is an increase, but relative to the world, it seems insignificant. China's sensor market is mainly concentrated in the automotive electronics, consumer electronics, communications electronics and industrial electronics and other fields, but due to the existence of domestic aging process, imperfect management, lack of core technology, production scale, policy concerns Temperature Sensor and a series of low factors, Resulting in China's major sensor market has long been occupied by foreign companies and monopoly, seriously affected the national political, military, medical and aviation industries such as the development.

    In the national policy to support and promote, in the domestic consumer electronics market, driven by the pattern of China's sensor will continue to change, domestic enterprises need to seize the opportunity to enhance the sense of technological innovation and competitiveness. Sensors play an important role in the development of all walks of life, smart phones, automatic driving, intelligent furniture ABS Sensor and other intelligent products can not leave it.