Innovative application for the fax machine to achieve new features, such as the owner left home when it will automatically stop, when the owner returned home when it will automatically print fax documents. The other is to add new features to the phone, when no one at home, it can automatically shut down to Sensor  achieve energy-saving features. There is the air conditioner to achieve automatic detection of human location, air supply system directly to the target.

    Sealed ultrasonic sensor can be used in the automatic parking assist system, installed in the back of the car to do the distance detection. Open ultrasonic sensor can be installed inside the car when someone into the car when the internal, it will touch Temperature Sensor the open sensor signal changes, to achieve anti-theft function. High-frequency series of ultrasonic sensors can be used in the scanner or printer inside, used to detect double paper, to solve the paper jam.

  The banknote identification sensor is used to check the true and false of the banknotes. Triaxial acceleration sensors can be used for health care, such as tied to the human body arm, can detect the consumption of human calories. It can also be used for animal breeding, such as the installation of a device in the cattle body to detect the cattle have no action, if found cattle still, can automatically stimulate their movement, so that the taste Speed Sensor of beef will be better. Other applications have to use it to develop a driving recorder, to detect the driver before the traffic accident, before or after the car driving state, or record the transport of goods and so on.

    Single-axis or dual-axis gyro sensors are currently used for car navigation and camera shake, and the new three-axis gyro sensor can be used for game control, toys, space mouse applications. The vibration sensor can be used for hard disk data protection, once the vibration is detected, the hard disk can be automatically protected. Vehicle sensors to achieve car tire pressure detection, Murata can be used to wake up the vibration sensor to the entire TPMS system, when the car starts, we can directly wake Throttle Position Sensor  up the circuit. Magnetic sensor for clamshell or slider phone, when the flip / slide, the phone LCD backlight automatically open, the sensor can be applied to all aspects of our lives, and can stimulate a lot of innovative design!