The total output of the sensor over the next five years will exceed one trillion, China's sensor industry will gradually to the merger, integration and aggregation direction. At present, the global sensor industry market is close to 200 billion US dollars, the future of things networking, wisdom of the city to bring unlimited possibilities, will bring tremendous innovation to the sensor industry space, sensor-related industries Sensor have become the focus of investment. Market, technology and policy three factors led to the development of sensors into the fast lane. Automotive, high-speed rail, consumer electronics for the sensor to open up a broad application market. Technical iteration to pull the rapid development of industry.

At present, China's sensor manufacturing industry in the initial stage, high-end sensors and chips rely heavily on imports. The problem is mainly concentrated in three aspects: First, the technology scattered, small scale, lack of awareness and other constraints and constraints of industrial development; Second, the lack of overall planning and top-level design, the lack of a reasonable allocation Suction Control Valve of resources and policy support; Many, public service supporting and standard system is not complete.

Experts believe that there are two routes out of the dilemma, that is, gathering and integration of mergers and acquisitions. In fact, China's sensor industry has formed the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Northeast, Beijing and Tianjin four industrial clusters. The Ministry of Industry and the next step will be in these areas of resources to create an international sensor industry park - China 'sensor Valley' to form a complete industrial chain, reasonable structure, with international influence and annual output value Temperature Sensor of the industrial cluster. Industry consolidation Mergers and acquisitions are ongoing: Nexus Technology recently acquired the world's leading MEMS chip maker Selaikesi, and will build an 8-inch MEMS production line in Yizhuang, Beijing; image sensor company Howe was acquired by Beijing Junzheng. More and more listed companies through the industry mergers and acquisitions cut into the field of sensors.