With the development of automotive technology, automatic driving has become the most people look forward to and look forward to a technology. However, in the Tesla automatic driving caused by a car accident, automatic driving technology began Sensor to be re-examined. Many security personnel are also given the feasibility of automatic driving analysis, with a view to explore the most reasonable solution. If the vehicle's environmental sensor attacks, can lead to auto parking, automatic driving and other functions failure, or even serious, but also lead to the occurrence of security incidents.

Automatic driving is through the long-range millimeter-wave radar, high-definition camera, the body around the ultrasonic sensor to achieve the lane line, road signs, speed, distance recognition. The hacker's attack is also from the car on these devices to start, interfere with the car's sensor system to trigger the automatic driving system algorithm design flaws, so that the car in the process of driving away from the lane, or in the reverse, automatic call refused to service, sensor interference Became an autopilot attacked 'Achilles heels'. From 360 companies, 'China Tesla crack first person' Liu Jianhao also proposed that the sensor is the main point of automatic driving attacks, and demonstrated in the field Temperature Sensor of these attacks how to do. Liu Jianhao to ultrasonic sensors, for example, pointed out that in many manufacturers of models, the ultrasonic sensor parking assist system is used to determine the availability of obstacles and the distance with the obstacles. While Liu Jianhao uses low-cost Arduino and ultrasonic generators (total $ 40), interferes with ultrasonic signals from ultrasonic sensors, initiates blocking (similar to DoS) attacks, deceptive attacks, and signal elimination.

This type of attack is a testament to the fact that it is practically feasible to attack a car in autopilot mode through a sensor. Although the display of the attack is not easy to do, but if it is targeted to attack, not only the low cost of the attack, and it is easy to threaten the automatic driving function. For the use of smart cars or car networking features of the user, need to improve their own safety awareness, concerned about the use of the car brand has not recalled or exposed security vulnerabilities; keep the car system to update to the latest version; closed usually do not use the function ; Do not allow non-depot to provide equipment access to the car; to the car hot and mobile phone control end set strong password ABS Sensor to prevent blasting; do not use keyless entry function to lock the car, to prevent others from taking the opportunity to enter your car; To be on the steering wheel, to prevent the auxiliary driving failure accident.