In the study of natural phenomena and laws, the function of ordinary equipment is far less than the requirements, in order to adapt to this situation, you need to help the Internet of things sensors. In the process of using information, the first thing Sensor to deal with is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is to obtain the natural and production areas of the main ways and means of information.

Sensors are an important part of the Internet of things, bear the burden of data collection and transmission, is the basis for the completion of things and the premise. Data show that the size of the global Internet of Things market in 2025 is expected to reach 10 trillion US dollars, the sensor stores will also be followed by hundreds of billions of dollars in market size. In the Internet of things skills, the sensor skills is the basis of the Internet of things and the core, but also restricting China's Internet of Things to develop the biggest bottleneck. Now, the sensor has now penetrated into all aspects of production and life. From a smart phone, a high-level car, and then to a modern intelligent factory, everywhere there are sensors figure. If you want to complete the ubiquitous sensor, everywhere, reduce costs Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor  and response time, improve accuracy and reliability is still the general direction of effort.

At present, China's sensor pattern is now constituted, but the skills level is low, especially intelligent, miniaturization sensor skills problems have not yet overcome. Sensor independent development lag not only lead to the high cost of Internet of things system, hinder the use of Internet of things, more importantly, its potential security risks. In addition, the industrial chain is not complete and the business model is not perfect is restricting the current development of China's Internet of things short board.

In order to promote the healthy development of the Internet of the Internet of Things, the AQSIQ has proposed that China should grasp the idea of ​​'five powers'. First, to make the Internet of things from the low-end sensor to the high-end, we must vigorously improve the industrial value chain collaboration, compete for the pricing of goods; Second, vigorously improve the quality of goods, function, practical, Three is to vigorously improve Pressure Sensor the standardization of the level of China's Internet of things, to control the right; Fourth, vigorously improve the ability to continue to innovate, master the new right; five is to vigorously improve China's enterprises, China's product brand communication,