From advanced sensors to artificial intelligence, cars are rapidly becoming the latest paradise of electronic technology and products ... Automotive applications have emerged a range of new technologies, including improvements in power systems, very complex telematics, and autopilot The With advanced features such as advanced driving assistance systems Sensor that are standard, rather than expensive options, more advanced functional modules will enter the homes of ordinary people's homes. By improving the sensor, processor and memory, software, and even the need for real-time integration of human-machine interface, making some changes are quietly achieved.

  The amount of information generated by the sensor and the data processed and generated by the AI ​​system and the flow of video in the in-vehicle network, the number of applications and tasks running on the car system may be surprising. In critical security areas, managing data distribution can benefit from standards such as object management group data distribution services that provide secure, real-time management of data exchange capabilities throughout the system. This approach is better than the point-to-point solution in the design that requires less connection between applications. The development Suction Control Valve of automotive sensors, automotive applications benefit from the ability to stream 4K video camera, along with machine learning software in artificial intelligence, high-definition cameras are being used for advanced ADAS applications for obstructions and object recognition. Here, the higher resolution is critical, it is also useful for backing up the camera. A combination of multiple cameras can be used to provide a bird's-eye view of the car around Renesas Electronics, such as the R-Car Development Kit, which combines video from four cameras into 360 degrees. This is very useful when parking or navigating in a narrow place. The more advanced ADAS system highlights the areas of conflict that may be encountered.

   There are two range sensors that show significant improvements in LiDAR and phased array radars. Significant advances in miniaturization and cost reduction will affect the use of these systems in time and place. Phased array radar overcomes many of LiDAR's limitations, allowing it to operate in rain or snow, or it may mislead the optical system. Radar can be used to compensate LiDAR and image systems. Some companies are trying to provide technology in this area Texas Instruments (single-chip millimeter-wave sensor mmWave can handle sensors and ADAS applications 76 ~ 81 GHz sensor array. Even in automotive applications, the neural network will not replace the conventional software applications , But only to solve some of the more difficult problems.With the new hardware, they can Temperature Sensor also achieve real-time execution, which in the higher security requirements of applications (such as automatic driving) is necessary in this case, multi-core The processor will play an important role, but the GPU will achieve better results. Custom hardware is best, such as a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) can handle machine learning tasks.

  The car is becoming the most sophisticated consumer device, and it is not easy to manipulate the steering wheel on a chassis with four wheels and an engine. In the future, some cars will lose their steering wheel, and then we will experience a new driving pleasure The