The total output of the sensor in the next five years will be the most important development of China's science and technology. Industrial automation, modern testing technology, Internet Sensor of things and other applications, the sensor has played an important role. Sensor technology in the field of environmental protection in the application of the proportion of 10%, industrial measurement and control areas accounted for 18.1%, and these areas are the country is focused on supporting the industry. Countries around the world will also be sensor technology as the focus of this century to develop technology. Since the 80s of last century, China's sensor technology has been a revolutionary development. At present, China's sensor enterprises as many as 2,000, the industry output value is 10% to 15% per year rate of growth. To promote the development of China's sensor industry, the state has established a number of sensor research centers and key laboratories, in the extensive absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the promotion of industrial independent intellectual property development. Organization of related enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to participate in research and development, collaborative research, occupation of technical high ground, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises at the same time, enhance the degree of independent intellectual property rights.

    Remote sensing technology as the only means for the rapid realization of global or large area earth observation, the unique role and characteristics of other technologies in the process of environmental monitoring can provide scientific basis for decision-making of national environmental ecological protection and construction. In the application of remote sensing technology, for industrial wastewater pollution and water pollution, usually using thermal infrared sensor for detection, the image can show the thermal pollution emissions, flow and temperature distribution Pressure Sensor of the situation; for marine pollution, satellite remote sensing To achieve high-precision, large-scale, all-weather pollution monitoring, the use of satellite visible / multi-spectral radiation sensor, access to oil film thickness, pollution, oil and other types of data. In remote sensing monitoring, various sensors are the key base devices. With the development of science and technology, high-precision remote sensing data requirements are increasing, which promoted the development of high-performance new sensor R \u0026 D level.

   Sensor technology is in the key to transformation and upgrading, remote sensing monitoring, industrial automation, networking and other areas of the sensor in the annual growth is also rising. In the face of fierce international competition market, China's sensor enterprises need to face challenges, strengthen the independent research and development of new sensors, while accelerating the transformation ABS Sensor of existing scientific research and industrialization, improve the global market share of domestic brands to promote the industry to enter a new era of development.