With the improvement of vehicle performance and the rapid growth of China's auto market, the car used in the sensor more and more, China's auto sensor market into the rapid growth period.

Improve the performance of the car, the performance of the sensor also put forward higher requirements, passive sensors in some applications Sensor has been difficult to meet the high precision requirements, active sensor applications will be more and more widely. In addition, for some common or signal source can share the sensor, a high degree of integration will become a trend.

Demand-driven sensor growth, with the continuous improvement of the performance of the car and the state of the automotive standards continue to improve the number of sensors required for each car more and more. The increase in the number of cars and the increase in the number of sensors used in each car, decided to China's auto sensor market capacity will Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor continue to increase, the Chinese sensor market is entering a period of vigorous development.

Green, security is the future direction of development of the car, in order to make cars more environmentally friendly and safe, the state has also introduced a series of policies and regulations. Automobile emissions, safety and other requirements continue to improve, passive sensors in some applications can not meet the high precision requirements. For example, with the implementation of the national standard of automobile exhaust emissions, passive sensors for crankshaft and camshafts have been unable to meet precise control requirements, which requires Temperature Sensor a new Hall sensor or giant magnetoresistive sensor instead. Active sensors will gradually replace the passive sensor. Active sensors are more accurate, more timely, and more intelligent, so active sensor applications will be more and more widely. For example, reversing radar and TPMS use active ultrasonic sensors and RFID (radio frequency identification technology) sensors.

The number of automotive sensors more and more, so that the vehicle layout and the corresponding cost increase to bring a great challenge. For some sensors that are common or have a common source of signals, a high degree of integration will become a trend. Integration consists of two aspects, one of which is Pressure Sensor the integration between the sensors, making the output signal for different ECU (electronic control unit) for processing; the second is the integration of sensors and ECU.