With the development of science and technology, high-precision remote sensing data Sensor requirements are increasing, which promoted the development of high-performance new sensor R \u0026 D level, sensor applications will usher in a huge scale of the huge market.
In the industrial automation, modern testing technology, Internet of things and other applications, the sensor has played an important role. Sensor growth prospects and the use of areas are constantly expanding, whether it is intelligent city construction Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor or automated development, including the growth trend of things, etc., are a sign that the sensor industry will usher in a good growth prospects. Future sensor technology will be the most important development of China's science and technology.

   Among the various electronic machinery and equipment, the importance of the sensor can be said to be self-evident, it is in the Internet of Things, intelligent transportation, smart city, smart home and other fields have a very important application, its development has also been People's attention. With the continuous development of technology research, cost reduction, performance Temperature Sensor and reliability of the upgrade, in the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and high-end equipment manufacturing driven by the rapid development of the sensor application of the typical market is developing rapidly. Asia-Pacific region will become the most potential market.
   In the process of human production, relying on their own facial features of the surrounding environment perception and identification, the basic can meet the production requirements, but in the industrial revolution, the face of a variety of harsh environments or high temperature and pressure, toxic environment, it is far from meeting the requirements The So the service in the modern industry, a variety of sensor applications are playing an important role, such as the corresponding natural person's facial features, already with the same section of high-precision sensor research and development success. The vision sensor has the ability to capture millions of pixels of light ABS Sensor  from an entire image and can communicate at higher rates. Similarly, industrial sensors for sound, vibration and other subtle observations, has long been toward higher precision development, for people in the industrial manufacturing process in a timely manner to inform the information and found that the problem provides more prerequisites.

  Sensors are more widely used in this field, especially for real-time safety monitoring. For example, in the long-distance car driver's seat under the installation of new sensors, can be observed in time the driver's driving situation, through heart rate changes, body surface pulse and other real-time information to help determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue driving, Combined with the satellite positioning system, will be able to help the driver itself and the traffic management department to discover and deal with such cases decisively, so as to avoid accidents. For the elderly, children and disabled, the patient population, but also through the sensor to detect some of their abnormal situation, and timely to their families to the police. Through the satellite positioning system a system, you can quickly rescue them.

  Sensors as a tool for human perception of the world, is following the growth of technology and progress. The above mentioned four areas, in fact, only in the future development of the sensor industry in the first area, more use of space waiting to explore, open up. In the face of fierce international competition market, China's sensor enterprises need to face challenges, strengthen the independent research Throttle Position Sensor  and development of new sensors, while accelerating the transformation of existing scientific research and industrialization, improve the global market share of domestic brands to promote the industry to enter a new era of development.