Intelligent perception opens the next car space. Automotive sensors are front-end systems for information collection and analysis. First, body perception, including pressure, flow, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes, is an environmental sensing device Sensor  that includes intelligent sensors such as laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, camera and infrared night vision. Automotive safety technology from the passive safety technology to active safety technology evolution, the sensor system from the body electronic sensor to the intelligent sensor extension, intelligent automotive intelligent sensor to bring huge market increment.

  Domestic car laser radar has just started. China is expected to form a sensor industry chain, in the various sub-areas of attack, in the world sensor market occupies a place. Lidder branded unmanned labels, technology is still changing. Unmanned implementation of the lidar is indispensable, solidification down the cost is the trend. After the development in recent years, China's auto market Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor has become one of the fastest growing auto market in the world. With the increase in China's car sales, the application of the sensor also will grow rapidly. Miniaturization, versatility, integrated and intelligent sensors will gradually replace the traditional sensor, become the mainstream of automotive sensors.

    The traditional automotive industry after decades of development has been very solid. Especially the Internet, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in the automotive field penetration, the automotive industry has entered the era of embracing new science and technology. New energy, car networking and unmanned also came into being, to create a brand new car products is the trend, and these combined Temperature Sensor with new technologies and high-tech new generation of automotive products, the sensor standards, features also have higher requirements , The importance of the sensor is also more and more significant.

With the development of electronic technology and automotive electronic control system is increasingly widely used, automotive sensor market demand will maintain rapid growth. A domestic ABS Sensor ordinary home car about installed dozens of sensors, luxury cars on the number of sensors up to two hundred or more, and its use with the development of automobile manufacturing level is still increasing.