Does joint replacement surgery truly benefit one's sex life after the surgery has been performed? The answer to this question is a definite yes. This is information that was obtained via a new study. This new study does indeed indicate that after having total hip or total knee surgery. Self-reported sexual function was something that was said to have increased up to about 90% in patients. 

Do people enjoy sex far more after surgery? 

The answer to this question is yes. This information comes from research that is in a new study. This new study did discover that those patients who did have total hip or total knee replacement type surgeries did report having overall improved sexual function in 90% of all patients. This is amazing data and does make one wonder how it would increase sex drive when it is meant to decrease pain. These surgeries are also designed to help one move about much better. 

Do people tend to want to get more physical and intimate after surgery? 

Yes, people do want to get more physical and intimate after surgery, but they are afraid to bring up the subject to their doctors. They are also afraid that they will actually damage the new joint that they have. This is not so. It is an okay to have sex and to get intimate after one has either surgery. It will not harm the prosthesis at all. Exactly why people do want to have sex after these surgeries is not known. However, it is something very interesting to know, all the same. 

Does total hip or total knee replacement surgery boost up one's self-esteem and well-being? 

Yes, getting total hip or total knee replacement surgery does indeed boost up one's self esteem and wellbeing, and this is said to be a very good thing for these kind of patients. It is even said that this is a turn-on for a lot of people. It said that anything that does cause pain and affect one's movement is going to be something that is certainly going to influence sexuality for whatever the reason. 

Does anything that causes pain and affects how you move greatly influence sexuality? 

Yes, it is considered to be an influence over sexuality, and exactly why that is cannot be explained outright. People just have this thing about pain and how movement is afflicted by it. Don't know for sure where the sexual links do come in, but they do, and it is something that can be a bit confusing in a way. However, if it is something of interest to those who have had the surgery done, then it must mean something and that something is sexual in nature. 

Is sexual experience something that is truly changed by getting a whole new joint? 

Yes, for some reason or other, which is not readily explained. People who have had a new joint surgery do tend to come away with a new and improved interest in sex. Why this is so. No one knows for sure. They just know that new joint surgery and the desire to have sex do go hand in hand as of late. Is this a good thing? The answer is yes, according to many, and it is something that is greeted with welcome arms. 

What is the most important message that is trying to be expressed here? 

The answer is a very clear one. Having these new joint surgeries does indeed improve a person's outlook in general. It also makes him or her feel more confident and they do have more self-esteem. Therefore, with this said, it is only correct to awesome that the message is a very good one to convey to others. This message does clearly state that overall performance and self-image are indeed improved greatly. So, with this said, it is only natural to think about sex and to want sex when you are feeling so good about yourself at the end of the day. 


What is it about joint replacement that does make sex a much better thing? Whatever it is. It does truly work according to the results of a new study that did state that total knee replacement surgery and total hip replacement surgery did do something very magical to make one's sex life a whole lot better afterwards.