Organized by the first steam car tour Gofun trip, city space and content operators to share the co-organized 'hundred cities thousands of' recruitment program officially launched. Gofun travel joint hiring network, excellent passenger workshop launched Sensor a shared industry recruitment activities, aimed at expanding the shared travel market to attract and cultivate the right people. Hired network CEO Dai Kebin, excellent off the factory CSO Zhang Peng, Gofun travel COO Tan Yi have debut start ceremony, personally Careers.

   Gofun travel next year will be completed in 50 cities in the shared car layout plan, and put 50,000 new cars, so the rapid expansion of the market demand for talent around the rapid increase. The first steam Gofun travel together to hire hiring network and excellent off the workshop, to fully mobilize the three companies in the country's strong resources in the city, the formation of complementary channels, the greatest degree of attention to attract talent around, trying to share the travel industry to select accurate, high quality Of the high-end talent. Candidates through Temperature Sensor the Gofun travel App or body sweep code to register, and then by virtue of excellent and powerful workshop resources as a linkage. The 'hundred cities thousands of' recruitment plan will not only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places held lectures and job fairs, will also be systematic integration of recruitment process, inviting mysterious big coffee face to face lectures, through research and psychological Testing and other methods to select talent - not difficult to find, the Gofun travel and hiring, excellent customer cooperation is online, offline market resources and urban layout combined with a bold attempt.

   Has served many of the world's top 500 companies and participated in the recruitment of live show show Gofun travel COO Tan Yi well versed in the importance of talent selection in this recruitment of young people get not only a leveraging future job opportunities, but also access Career and guidance of your career. Hiring network as a high-end talent career development platform, with more than 37 million registered users, more than 250,000 headhunters in the hiring network platform to find the core positions of candidates. Business in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, more than 10 cities. Share the economy compared to other areas is still relatively new, the public awareness of the shared economy is not yet fully popular, but have to admit, with the consumer upgrade, shared travel consumer demand will grow, the future share of the economic field will become the talent market An important choice. With the sharing of the economy in the vertical field, Gofun travel and excellent cooperation workshop will form a complementary and integration of resources, the cooperation will not only expand the excellent customer service projects, but also for office workers to solve Speed Sensor the daily travel needs. As of 2017, the excellent passenger factory has been arranged at home and abroad 30 cities 100 shared office space, gathered more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, more than 30,000 members work on the platform, the layout of the city brought together a large number of small and medium enterprises and emerging Technical talent. Gofun travel as the first car company launched a shared car platform, relying on years of operating resources and experience, has settled, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing and other 21 cities nationwide, the number of vehicles up to 12,000. Gofun travel in June monthly active users over 500,000, the first time car rental class.

   The 'hundred city thousands of' plan, in addition to sharing travel industry reserves of sophisticated professionals, but also in the expansion of Gofun travel in the nationwide brand awareness, and Gofun travel and new energy sharing car to form a strong Brand association, establish industry leading position. And cooperation with the hiring, gifted cooperation will accelerate the process Throttle Position Sensor of Gofun trip urbanization layout, to achieve the combination of value to maximize the brand effect, strong combination of existing advantages of resources, will quickly complete the expansion of enterprise service width, enhance the brand value.