Sharing car is not new things, but when there is 'shared luxury car', people refreshing: 1.5 yuan per minute 'shared Audi', 1.5 yuan per kilometer 'shared BMW', 29.9 yuan per hour 'shared Lamborghini' ... ... spend a lot of money can drive the car Sensor on the road, and share the same bike, sharing the car registration process is relatively simple: first download App, register, upload identity cards and driver's license, waiting for background audit. After the audit through the deposit, you can start the car.

   Unlike other shared cars, sharing the car body without advertising, and the general private car is no different Through the phone app to open the door lock, the driver panel has two displays, located in the middle of the display navigation map or radio content, the steering Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor wheel is the top of the display speed and mileage of the electronic panel. Due to the car division of the operating area, in the region do not pay mileage fees, do not need to refuel or charge, the platform charge of 1.5 yuan per minute rent (concessions period 0.5 to 1 yuan per minute). In the non-peak test drive more than 30 kilometers, time-consuming 44 minutes, the discount is only 22 yuan, obviously cheaper than the taxi. However, in the traffic jam test drive 'shared luxury car', the actual driving distance of 12 km, mobile phone APP given up to 92 minutes, according to the standard time fee of 1.5 yuan / minute, need to pay 138 yuan, count system, parking fees Etc., the final actual payment of 121.5 yuan.

In addition, this 'shared luxury car' driving feeling although there is no difference with the private car, but the shortcomings are obvious: in August this year, a 'shared BMW appeared Shenyang' on the network quickly fermented, attracting countless attention: 1.5 yuan per kilometer , Do not oil costs, parking fees, cost-effective than the private car, more comfortable than the taxi, it sounds very exciting. Recently in Shenyang, a Land Rover 4S shop door to find the batch of shared BMW, the body printed on a unified two-dimensional code. License plate all for the serial number, but the scene only 18, with the previously claimed 1500 share of the BMW disparity is too large. Brilliance BMW official response, did not know in advance Temperature Sensor to promote the sharing of the project, nor the company has shared car cooperation. This batch of shares sold by BMW Shenyang, a car sales service limited company, confirmed that the share of BMW is indeed from the dealer to mention the car.

   Recently, a shopping mall in Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, there is a luxury car team: Bentley Mu Shang, Ferrari 458, Ferrari, Lamborghini Mavericks, and Maserati GT, Porsche and other luxury cars lined up, is spectacular. The luxury fleet behind the scenes operator is a Hangzhou Automobile Service Co., Ltd. The reason why the introduction of luxury car sharing, the founder of the platform Zhou Mingjie said that the run is a lot of people childhood dream, hoping to help people dream. As the project is in the promotion period, the use of cheap prices, Lamborghini 29.9 yuan per hour, Ferrari 39.9 yuan per hour. Founder said: 'This is just to promote the price, the official on-line price will be 300 yuan to 600 yuan per hour.' Deposit, according to the different models, the deposit from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. After returning the vehicle, it is expected to be refundable after 12 to 20 working days to complete the audit. Now the market share of car deposit is generally between 1000 to 2,000 yuan, 10 million -10 million deposit is too high, has deviated from Speed Sensor the convenience of sharing cars, practical and save the principle, which is more like a special demand Car rental company. In short, the sharing of luxury cars can go far, it is difficult to finalize.