Shenzhen traffic police in the vicinity of the left school in the immortal avenue traffic lights junction, began pilot 'intelligent pedestrian crossing system.' Intelligent pedestrian street system mainly includes: video capture Sensor and analysis of storage upload system, controller, display, gates, voice broadcast and front-end computer and other systems, with detection, control, voice, face recognition, automatic capture alarm, ITS (intelligent Transportation system) and other technologies. In short, it will be in the red light, turn off the gate, to prevent pedestrian forward; green light, open the gate.

The whole system has the following functions:

First, voice broadcast: green fuel metering valve light flashes, the gates to voice to remind pedestrians quickly pass, red light, the voice broadcast reminded not to run a red light. When there is a red light, there is a voice reminder. 'You have violated the rules. Please pay attention to traffic safety and do not run the red light!

Second, the delay is closed, that is, when the red light is on, the entrance gate closed, the export gate delay 5-10 seconds to ensure that pedestrians have not yet passed through the export.

Third, detection control, that is, monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic, the deployment Temperature Sensor of the two release time.

Fourth, face recognition and capture the alarm, forced to cross or destroy the facilities, the camera will automatically capture, capture and face recognition.

In addition, the captured ABS Sensor violations will be immediately displayed in the intersection of the display, and illegal behavior will be included in the personal credit integrity system. Evidence data will be stored in the local server, after the realization of networking data will be uploaded to the central platform. When the machine fails or power off, the gate will automatically open to ensure access. In this case, the whole system should have the initial face detection function (like a mobile phone camera), as for the capture function, perhaps with the ordinary vehicle violation capture function similar. As for pedestrian and vehicle traffic detection, the technical details are not known, hope that the traffic commander is not according to the real-time adjustment Throttle Position Sensor of the video it Intelligent pedestrian crossing system need to continue to improve and improve, but also a start-up products.