Did you know that it is said that believed that people have been wearing wedding bands for as long as 4800 years! Apparently the ancient Egyptians used reeds and grass to form loops around the fourth finger at wedding ceremonies. Times have changed somewhat now though – I don’t know many women that would be content with a reed tied around their finger these days!

Many want something extra special for their ring, not something that will look the same as every other wedding band. Such a personal day should be unique to you in every sense, especially the ring!  This has encouraged more and more couple to design their own wedding bands from start to finish.

So are you thinking of custom-designing an engagement ring or wedding band? Here are a few tips on how to do just that..


You can now attend workshops in which you and your groom can make your own rings! Making your own rings this way can be much less expensive than you would pay in the average jeweller, and it’s a lot more romantic and personal than buying mass-produced rings!

Online Designing

There are a number of websites that enable you to design your own engagement rings and also your wedding bands. Sites such as Diamonds Of Choice  offer collections of beautiful diamond wedding rings, with everything from traditional diamond wedding bands to detailed, ornate designs available in yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum. You can design your own ring from scratch without having to leave to house! Of course, make sure that you choose a site like this, that used GIA accredited diamonds and is reputable and trustworthy.


If you don’t want to design the ring totally from scratch, maybe you don’t have enough time, or don’t feel like you’re creative enough, you can add a personal touch in the form of engraving. Engraving is the ultimate personalisation and a really cheap way of customising your wedding band. You can include the date of your wedding, or a smoochy message somewhere on the band that means something to you both!

We hope this helps. Custom wedding jewellery is a fab option for brides and grooms who want a one-of-a-kind piece, or want to incorporate their personal styles into their rings.