Hadoop is defined as an open source platform that delivers outstanding data management provision. Hadoop is a framework that aids the processing of huge data sets in a distributed computing environment. It has been designed to expand from individual servers to a large number of machines (in thousands), each providing storage and computation. Hadoop’s distributed file system facilitates high data transfer rates among the nodes and enables the system to continue functioning uninterrupted in case of the failure of a node, which decreases the risk of failure of a catastrophic system even if a significant number of nodes fail at once. Hadoop is extremely valuable for big scale businesses depending on its proven benefits for the enterprises mentioned below:

Advantages for Enterprises:


  • Hadoop delivers a cost-effective storage solution for the businesses
  • It facilitates the businesses to easily access the new data sources and tap into various types of data to provide value from that data
  • It consists of a highly scalable storage platform
  • Hadoop’s unique storage method depends on a distributed file system that usually maps the data wherever it is situated on a cluster. The tools for processing of data are often on the same servers where the data is situated resulting in much quicker data processing.
  • Today, hadoop is used widely across the industries, including retail, information services, healthcare, government, entertainment and media, finance and other industries.
  • Hadoop is fault tolerant. When the data is passed on to an individual node, it is also replicated to various other nodes that are in the cluster, which implies that in the event of failure, there is another copy that is available for use.
  • Hadoop is much more than just a cheaper, faster analytics and database tool. It is designed as a scale-out architecture that can store the data of whole organization for later use.



Demand for Hadoop

What is driving the organizations so much in adopting this technology with more convenience is the implementation of Hadoop platform at a very less cost. The market for Hadoop is estimated to rise to $16.1 by 2020. The data management industry widened from web and software into the government, hospitals, retail etc. this generates a huge demand for cost effective and scalable platforms of data storage like hadoop.

All the Business Data Seized and Stored Successfully

The organizations and enterprises estimated that they utilise and examine less volume of information and most of it gets wasted. The reason being the companies lack the analytics capabilities. It is a very bad practice to term the data as unwanted as any component of data can be put to very good use by the company. So, collecting and keeping all the data in a well manner is necessary. With its capabilities of managing large volumes of data, hadoop has helped the organizations to store and examine the large volume of data successfully.

Business Data Seized and Stored Successfully

Hadoop has been considered affordable for both small and enterprise businesses which makes it an attractive solution with very high potential. Many organizations, small and large, are using hadoop for managing their data. Many IT professionals who are interested in big data analytics are obtaining Hadoop training and gaining expertise in this area because of the job opportunities in this field and the salary trends of the hadoop professionals. Hadoop certainly promises a great future for the people who want to make a career in this field.