Everything’s so hectic and crazy and wonderful, but at the end of the day, you want to have some amazing photos that you can look back on for years to come, so make sure you have a photographer whose talent and skills you can trust! Here’s six awesome shots you are definitely going to want in your wedding album!

The Accessory Shot

You know the accessory shot. Odds are, you’ve seen plenty while browsing on Pinterest. Lay your rings, shoes, or other accessories on a table or as directed by your photographer. Even a shot of you fixing your earring would be simple but gorgeous! Trust your photographer to capture that sparkle in an absolutely mesmerizing shot! Just don’t make the same mistake I did and totally forget your engagement ring at home, okay?

Photo by M Three Studio

The Faceless

Remember those cartoons that let you see a character’s body, but never his or her face? You know, like Ms. Bellum from Powerpuff Girls or any of the human characters in Tom and Jerry? Yup, that’s The Faceless, and it works just as well for wedding photos as it does on TV, as you can see in this awesome shot by Darin Collinson. The eye is immediately drawn to all the little details that you might not have focused on otherwise, like that gorgeous dress or the groom’s super stylish bowtie. 

Photo Credit: Darin Collinson

The Black and White Photo

Yes, you need at least one black and white photo, and any photographer worth her salt knows why. They’re timeless and always elegant, even if it turns out that your makeup wasn’t the greatest that day or that your tie was crooked the whole time. Even if everything about that moment is just perfect, a black and white photo will make it even better, we promise!

Photo Credit: Jemma Keech

The Bridal Bouquet

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’re going to want a close-up photo of your bouquet, especially if you personalized it with some cute charms or miniature photographs of your family members, like this one! The flowers may wilt, but your memories never will!

Photo Credit: Anna and Spencer Photography

The Awkward Squad Pic

Okay, we’re not sure if this counts as more awkward or cute, but the result is bound to be memorable and worth a laugh or two! Just get your squad – that is, your bridesmaids and your groomsmen – gathered all around and strike a pose for a photo all of you will treasure forever! Bonus points if you can get a toddler in there making a funny face, too!

Photo Credit: Four Eyes Photography


The Golden Hour Shot

There’s nothing better than the Golden Hour for photos. The light is soft, so you don’t need to squint, and everything just looks warm and romantic and beautiful. Perfect for a wedding, right? Of course, you could plan everything down to a T and still have a couple of delays on your wedding day, but if you can manage it, we definitely recommend squeezing in some time about an hour before sunset for a sweet, romantic photoshoot. Trust us, you’ll never regret a photo like this. 

Photo Credit: Kirstin Burrows Photography

So, now that we’ve gone over the six awesome shots you’ll absolutely need in your wedding album, don’t forget the most important thing: having fun! If you’re stressed or uneasy during your wedding day, it’ll show in your photos, and honestly, it should be one of the happiest, best times of your life! So make sure you book a photographer you can be comfortable with, smile and gaze lovingly into your spouse’s eyes, and pose away!