Bosch has played 'We will be intelligent technology into the vehicle,' Slogan, an important automotive electronics Sensor is a six-axis inertial motion sensor SMI130, currently master the sensor technology suppliers are numbered.

  SMI130 is a compact 6-axis inertial sensor, belonging to the non-safety class automotive electronic sensor category. The inertial sensor module consists of a 3-axis acceleration sensor and a 3-axis gyroscope in an LGA package that includes a cost-effective single-chip solution specifically designed for infotainment, especially in embedded pre-installed navigation or telematics Network system unit services. The 6-axis inertial sensor is capable of detecting 3 degrees of freedom in acceleration and angular rates and allows for tilting, motion, vibration or Suction Control Valve shock sensing without regard to the mounting position and mounting direction of the sensor, and after completion of the internal self- And then enter the work data acquisition mode, to ensure that the entire system to work properly.

  The main role of the SMI130 sensor is for elevated identification assistance, telematics telematics, and continuous inertial navigation in the absence of GPS signals. When passing through some underground parking lots, tunnels, canyons, and some because of tall buildings, often lead to GPS signal loss, the entire navigation system is in a stagnant Temperature Sensor working state or can not follow the previously planned route to drive, The role of the guide provides a continuous navigation state. The position estimation method of the gyroscope is very high, and the disturbance factors include temperature, precision, sensitivity, noise, etc., which will result in the increase of working time and working distance. Greater error. In order to meet the pre-installed car market navigation needs, this use of MEMS technology principle SMI130 sensor favored.

  SMI130 sensor has been in production status, in addition, SMI130 series products derived from the same series of 3-axis gyroscope SMG130 and three-axis acceleration SMA130. SMA130 can be widely supporting domestic and foreign major depot before Pressure Sensor the installation of navigation projects, HUD display items and automotive black box projects and other fields. With the matching GPS module, map engine, inertial navigation algorithm will SMI130 inertial navigation sensor as a reference scheme, and match the optimization of the relevant algorithm, making the navigation accuracy has greatly improved.