The future direction of the domestic market has basically been able to determine, who can win the hearts of young people, who will dominate the market in the next few years. Small SUV this market in the second half will have a large number of models were born, some of their own well-known brands Sensor have also come up with a good product, would like to grab a chance in this market, such as MG, Po Chun 510 these two models The performance is very good. But the Japanese some of the next action, it is likely to be independent compact and small SUV has a very large impact, which had to prevent.

  Nissan announced the customer's pre-sale price, 10-14 million this price range is quite reasonable. But also a lot of people have been predicted to a price, this car as early as the Shanghai auto show when the debut has been, Xiao Bian learned that the car did not exercise the three pieces, but have a relatively young sports appearance , Even so for young people is still more lethal. The car currently offers three models, equipped with 1.5L engine, the maximum output power of 124 horsepower, the peak torque of 147 cattle meters. The drive is matched with a CVT gearbox that fuel metering valve simulates six steps. Power performance, or very good. Measurements on the length and width were 4295 * 1760 * 1588mm, wheelbase 2620mm, this size is pretty good, better than Suzuki. The car comes standard with ESP, six airbags, multi-function steering wheel, etc., configuration is pretty good, but the beggar version of the rear brake is used drum brake, can accept this point to see you see wisdom.

    Mazda CX-3 in fact as early as 2014 when it was born, but has not been introduced into the domestic, the main reason or the timing is not appropriate, but now it seems a good time, Changan Mazda said Mazda CX-3 this Car or will be introduced in October made the car, the car is also a dynamic design style, I believe that if the Mazda is not on the price of death, then the car in the domestic performance is also very worth looking forward to. The appearance of the car is quite round and full, in the design of the car a large number of Mazda elements of the use, it seems a little lack of new ideas, but can not be regarded as obsolete. Tail design is also full of full, but in the sense of the level Temperature Sensor of control is not very in place. Seeing me, it's not much to look. Measurements, the car length and width were 4275 * 1765 * 1550mm, wheelbase 2570mm, powered with a 2.0L engine, the maximum power of 146 horsepower, the peak torque of 197 cattle meters, the overall competitiveness of products only Can say the general bar, the key have to see the price.

  Toyota C-HR from the appearance point of view is a big kill device, Toyota's status in the country is gradually being Honda beyond, which believe that Toyota China is not satisfied, so the official has been declared that the future in the Chinese market will be more Sincerity of some models. Is not empty talk, it is not easy to say, look at the future performance of it Toyota C-HR This car takes into account the movement and wild, the design of some radical.

  These cars are directed at the young people. Affected Pressure Switch  by these small SUV price radiation, independent brands of some of the current mainstream SUV models will certainly be affected by some. As soon as possible to do the response is the king.