The current smart car is generally electric drive, the automotive industry from the manufacturing industry into a smart manufacturing industry. Mobile Internet company as early as 2015 will start the layout of the transformation Sensor of intelligent automotive industry, with the standardization of intelligent electric vehicle production, the future similar to the professional car factory like Foxconn may appear, the production of personalized custom vehicles.
   Small and medium-sized car 100 km power consumption is 5 to 8 yuan, replaced by fuel consumption will be 60 to 70 yuan. For the company, assuming sufficient charge pile, electricity prices remain at the current market price, Divine and drip cars are replaced by electric, a year before the former can save 4 billion yuan, the latter province of 40 billion yuan. The future of automatic driving savings of 1/3 of the driver cost, electric drive to save fuel costs, will become an ideal development trend. Electric vehicles on the battery and charging pile requirements are extremely high. Although the lithium battery capacity temporarily unable to improve a lot, but the charging pile has a reference case, that is, Tesla's practice. It is in Temperature Sensor North America, Europe, China and other places to build more than 6,000 charging stations, 40 minutes will be able to fill 80% of the electricity. , The development of domestic charging pile to cross the energy density and charging speed of the two thresholds, if you can replace the low-density high-speed high-speed high-speed high-speed, China's electric car market share will increase, the upgrade will lead to more charging pile appears. Germany, the United Kingdom has announced that in 2030, 2040, the sale of fuel vehicles, Yu Jian about China to stop selling the time point is 2030, when the gas station will also disappear with the fuel truck was replaced by the pile.

  The original car some important hardware will disappear. The traditional car production is the main engine factory manufacturing engine, the supplier provides gearbox, sensors, actuators, oil supply systems and other accessories, and then together with the body, wheels together. After the car becomes electric drive, the gearbox, the oil supply system disappears, and the rest is left with body and wheels. The future, Atom and other manufacturing car computer, system platform, hardware and software integration, the bottom of the control of hardware Speed Sensor and software companies, will replace the engine, gearbox, fuel supply systems and other accessories suppliers to accelerate the realization of real significance On the smart drive.

  Autopilot forced OEMs and suppliers had to make adjustments. To machine vision, for example, the current widespread use of monocular lidar, the biggest problem is only to identify the database has been the image model, the database does not have the content, such as white body or dress people, Judgment and cause an accident. Binocular closest to the human eye, it is better than laser sensors, millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera combination, and a domestic science and technology company in the eyes of the eye has been done to the obstacles to determine the need for learning process. Automatic driving to promote the host supply chain changes, so that NVIDIA, Baidu and other technology-based enterprises into the list of suppliers. Qualcomm acquired NXP, Atom and Irdeto in Motion T and automotive computer software system business cooperation, the new parts are step by step into the smart car. At the same time into the field of smart cars with artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction to seize the market of Google, Apple, by the perception Throttle Position Sensor of assistance to provide mobile solutions, and network Qin investment hardware and software system integration platform Atom. And these technology companies, more sense of smell, action faster.
Smart car era, driving is not just need to travel is just needed. This determines the entire car accessories, functions, services, etc. should be around the passengers, rather than the OEM. This will bring the following two changes.

First of all, suppliers will take the initiative to guide the host factory. Followed by some of the traditional service object from the car into a person, the most typical is insurance. According to the traditional model, a supplier only docking OEM, OEM docking two main, one is the travel company, one is the dealer. Travel company services do not car users, they will not buy insurance. While the dealer service to buy the car users, they will buy insurance, insurance service is the car. However, in the industrial structure of intelligent mobile services, intelligent technology platform provider directly docked car OEM manufacturers, and then by the latter docking three main: travel and logistics companies, car service providers, integrated service providers. Behind the three main body and directly for the end user, the end user will be safe for the car, rather than just for the purchase of car insurance.
Smart cars have a high demand for real-time online, real-time online in addition to means that continuous communication capabilities, but also means that uninterrupted security. Large data is smart need fuel, and transmission of these massive data have to rely on 5G and other high-speed broadband communications technology. The three major Pressure Switch domestic communications operators have been in the field of smart cars began to layout.