Through a series of three-dimensional, practical, all-round evaluation of car intelligent function evaluation, car automatic driving evaluation, car intelligent network evaluation and car information Sensor security evaluation, it presents a kind of high quality intelligent driving scene demonstration, bringing unprecedented Sense of science and technology and experience. In the field of intelligent technology to bring the unmanned charm. The vehicle through the traffic lights through the intersection, according to the actual changes in the traffic lights through the sidewalk through the sidewalk encounter adults and children crossing the road in time to avoid; non-motor vehicle cross the road scene, from the front of the vehicle 10 meters to 20 meters non-motor vehicle cross-intervention , After the vehicle found in a certain safe distance to stop, as soon as possible according to the original plan to drive ... ... these for the driver is usually the usual move, for an unmanned car, can not help but people tut praise.

  The scene is ready for the unmanned driving group to do the work of the Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute wizstar team captain left light that their participating vehicles based on the transformation of new energy vehicles, wire control system, stall control is relatively easy. Their advantage is that the sensor configuration is relatively rich, you can perceive the vehicle 360 ​​degrees of the environment. After entering Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the finals the vehicle will experience some of the social road challenges. People driving the car is different from the other car racing atmosphere, the event staff, taking into account the safety of driving, unmanned driving speed is basically controlled at 20 meters or so. Unmanned group of stadium simulation to work commute traffic, vehicle interference, construction bypass, around the island and other common road conditions, are designed into the assessment of the track, filling the city intelligent life convenient and stylish.

   Unmanned group No. 1 team Chi Zengbao unmanned driving took the lead starting from the starting point, successfully passed the preliminary round, the team responsible person Beijing Zhizhong Bao Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Songsong said that their participating vehicles cost 70 Million, in all the teams is not the highest. The laser radar components installed in the roof are the most expensive, and the 3D environment map is drawn by transmitting and Pressure Sensor receiving light pulses, calculating the time difference between the transmitted and received signals, and measuring the contour information of the objects. Talking about the complex road conditions unmanned vehicles to deal with the situation, the unmanned vehicle by the multi-system coordination decision-making, the technology is very gold content. The car is divided into three parts: perception, decision-making and control. Vehicles equipped with sensors act as a sensory to monitor the surrounding environment. Compared to ordinary vehicles on the sensor, the unmanned vehicle sensor can achieve a wide range of environmental monitoring of about 200 meters wide. Decision-making and control part of the car through the remote control system to assist. Through the computer to determine the road to control the steering wheel rotation angle, brake throttle strength and time.
Satisfied Regardless of software or hardware, many cutting-edge technology technologies are assembled and displayed on the car, and autopilot technology Pressure Switch is no exception. And in order to develop automatic driving technology, the relevant components is indispensable.