For the window windy, beautiful one, point the cigar, open the favorite music, you sit in the car, but no longer need to personally drive such a picture. Whether you get away from your busy work, go to a small party with a friend, a little drink, or from the British Museum Sensor of the Thames on the river, go to the manor of the mountains to enjoy the trip, the car will get it all, and you only need Enjoy such a service. Modern humans may have imagined thousands of times.

  For a car, do not want to be Mercedes or BMW, comfort is the concern of the problem. This relationship will change with the progress of science and technology. In the face of the upcoming subversion and change, the giants have long been the era of unmanned business model for the layout. If all the people in the future become highly dependent on the automatic driving of the car, we need Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to have a set of automatic driving and electric steering support as a backup, including the brake computer computing system, sensors, etc., all elements of the car will need to be fully comprehensive The

   BMW focus on the cockpit car and car interactive links, which is the traditional sense of the automatic driving is not the same. BMW in the car interactive means began to pay attention to gesture recognition technology, relying on the car's high-sensitivity camera can achieve a variety of applications, this in the current concept of intelligent cockpit has been gradually recognized by the industry. BMW in the 2017CES Asia during the invitation of hundreds of media in China to Shanghai high-profile display of its future concept cockpit, i future concept cockpit is BMW to achieve automation, interconnection, electric, shared new mobile travel lifestyle Focus. In the future concept cockpit, the driver can interact with the vehicle via the horizontal screen and the central screen that integrates the full display function. The BMW HoloActive touch system can project the information on the driver's screen, and the camera can Temperature Sensor recognize Owners gesture to perceive the owner's needs. In the BMW 3 Series autopilot prototype, there are high-precision cameras including Mobileye, laser ranging sensors, ultrasonic sensors, inertial attitude sensors, GPS and so on. The purpose is to locate the car in the cloud to download the map, a clear analysis of the surrounding obstacles. In addition, this prototype also has a chip and Intel cooperation, after receiving the environmental signal to quickly identify the judge. Such as the normal driving suddenly pedestrians or vehicles running a red light to immediately brake, identify the traffic police gestures and make the right response, the intersection to be based on the speed and the distance between the vehicle automatically determine the implementation of the turn or let the line.

  BMW embedded in the car's ultrasonic equipment to the driver's fingertips issued a pulse signal so that drivers get real touch and suspension projection technology is more similar to the 'black technology', although the actual industry application estimates also need a long time , But BMW put forward a new direction of development. In addition, the BMW Sound Curtain through different seat headrest for different user protection layer and different sound signal is also put forward the new direction of the car audio, rear large-size extension screen is also a new way to improve the user experience. Overall, the BMW car for the interaction of specific practical level of unmanned new ideas, it is worth focusing on. Unmanned new technology, innovative projects involving the core user experience or by the OEM to lead ABS Sensor the more appropriate, of course, may be part of the outsourcing of components to the supplier or joint development, which the professional technology companies will also be greater opportunities The

   Another highlight of Baidu's 2017CES Asia is MapAuto, which is actually Baidu's ability to develop Baidu Maps as an unmanned high-precision map. Based on Baidu artificial intelligence technology and Baidu brain NLP natural semantic analysis, MapAuto can accurately understand the needs of human-machine accessibility communication, combined with geographical location and vehicle data, to the owners push the relevant services to meet the owners of personalized, scene needs. The technical show on 2017CES Asia is only a microcosm of the recent unmanned and related car business model. Daimler has more than 2.4 million customers in 26 cities in nine countries through its Car2Go service in Germany, which has beaten its rivals in the shared car market, with more than 800,000 customers in North America. Daimler's intelligence department has developed two-seat cars, 'shared car' service to enable customers to lease the company's more luxurious Mercedes-GLA, CLA car. Car2Go is a turning point in the traditional car rental service, which allows customers to drive quickly to a place, such as grocery stores or concerts. The service can be charged in minutes, hours or days. More convenient is that customers can park their cars on the streets to complete the car, Car2Go's smart phone application software to locate the car. The company has detailed parking arrangements in the city, so its customers do not need to drive several kilometers to find parking spaces.

  Look at the unmanned drive not only car prices, as well as master the massive user data and artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, Internet giants, such as Baidu. The Baidu Computing Unit (BCU), a Baidu Computing Unit, presented at Baidu at 2017CES Asia, has two basic capabilities and three AI core modules for information security and cloud update: high-precision positioning, environmental awareness and decision planning. In addition to BMW so concerned about the unmanned vehicle manufacturers, Honda and Mercedes-Benz and other car enterprises in 2017CES Asia show is as soon as possible to achieve landing level 1, 2 automatic driving, is given by the decision-making technology to help drivers Throttle Position Sensor to avoid The occurrence of a dangerous accident.
   For the unmanned and shared car future pain points, mainly in the policy, although the relevant Chinese authorities have been encouraging the sharing of the economy, including shared travel. But to what extent, in the laws and regulations above. For the future unmanned is not sure, this may be more concerned about the current. Because the first is able to achieve unmanned, he must have a corresponding policy of some laws and regulations to come out. Such as how many kilometers to meet the test, and then be able to legally on the road, as well as the distribution of the region, is concentrated in the core areas of large cities, or can be extended to the city and region.