With the rapid development of automotive intelligence and interconnection in recent years, the cycle of new storage solutions to automotive applications has become shorter and shorter. It is understood that DDR2 products from the computer application to the car infotainment system took five years, and LPDDR4 from the smart phone to promote the car Sensor was less than two years time. To this end, the car has become a storage industry can not be ignored 'corner', the major industry giants in this area has also increased efforts to develop.

   With the diversification of consumer upgrades and demand, car infotainment system involved in the content and digital functions continue to enlarge, in addition to navigation, but also covers the fault detection, vehicle information, body control, mobile office, wireless communications, car interconnection, Based on the online entertainment features and TSP services Suction Control Valve and other applications, all applications in the occupants to bring unprecedented sensory enjoyment and information needs, but also bring a huge amount of data. Once the application process of data storage problems, no less than the phone card, the computer crash depressed.
    The rapid development of the driving support system (ADAS), so that the vehicle has a 360 ° look around, automatic parking, emergency braking and many other features. According to this development trend, the camera, the radar will gather more and more information, picture accuracy is getting higher and higher, if the car driving process, the system appears Caton or data instability on vehicle safety will be larger The hidden dangers. Automotive intelligence Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor continues to increase, the number of power system sensors increased, is bound to produce massive telemetry data. The integration of automotive instrumentation, the interior of the interior of the interior will continue to bring the amount of data rose.

   The development of automotive storage technology directly affects the automatic car upgrade, and automatic driving in the promotion of automotive storage technology upgrades and market expansion at the same time also brought a great challenge. Autopilot car storage is divided into cloud storage and localized storage. To this end, in recent years there are views that cloud storage came, do not need to store the local car. 'For autopilot, we can not upload it to the cloud even if we have 5G. We need to introduce artificial intelligence to determine which Temperature Sensor  data is important and which data,' says Doug Seven, head of the Microsoft Azure Car Networking Platform. Can be discarded, which need to be uploaded at a convenient time instead of uploading in real time.