Most of the cars will be equipped with passenger classification system in the seat of the electronic sensor to determine whether there are passengers sitting in order Sensor to make the accident when the corresponding security measures. However, this sensor is not accurate by the weight of the standard, from time to time will be accidentally harbor the harbor alarm signal, or pop the size of the appropriate airbags. To make the car seat safer, the California California technology products manufacturing company's new intelligent sensor.
        The safety chair is made of waterproof and durable fiber and can be mounted under any size and shape of the seat cushion. Its built-in OCS sensor, can identify the size of the body size of the passengers, weight, and even to determine whether they are doing the body leaning forward, about action, or Qiaoqi Erlang legs and other actions, but also to distinguish between Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the seat on whether or not For children car seats, make sure not to mistakenly alarm.

    Spanish researchers develop car seats and seat belts that prevent drivers from dropping by detecting the driver's heartbeat and respiratory rate. Fatigue driving, driving at night are very dangerous behavior. In response to the above, the researchers at the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics in Spain have a new type of seat and seat belt that can keep the driver in vigilance when drowning. The new system, called 'Harken'), consists of multiple sensors, 'stealth' on the seat and seat belt, you can record the driver's heartbeat and respiratory rate, and even filter the surrounding noise in order to better capture ABS Sensor The driver's sleepiness.
   Ford Motor Company in the United States in 2013 also developed a 'bio-seat', you can monitor the driver's vital signs and car temperature to ensure that the driver to keep vigilant when driving.

    Some airlines for the exhausted space, constantly narrowing the distance from the aircraft seat, so that passengers can not stretch their legs, especially bitter 'long leg family.' Cabin equipment manufacturer B / EAeruate chair equipped with wheels of the 'rescue knee seat', allowing the cabin attendant in accordance with the passenger height, forward or backward to adjust the seat position. 'Rescue knee seat' under the new design, the cabin will install the track, the seat can slide in front of the track. If the higher passenger before and after a child, the seat will be able to make appropriate adjustments. In order to avoid disputes, only the crew can adjust the seat position Throttle Position Sensor through the mobile phone or tablet, passengers may also need to check-in revealed when the height, to facilitate the airline pre-arranged.

   The invention of the sliding seat in the aircraft cabin will solve the most difficult problem in the passenger flight journey - boarding difficulties. At the time of boarding the passengers need to arrange the luggage, and in the crowded aisle to find their seats. The emergence of radial sliding seats will successfully solve the above problems, greatly reducing boarding time.

US company MolonLabeDesigns said the boarding time spent on this sliding seat will allow each flight to have two hours of additional flight time. 'We have the experience of being stuck in the corridor,' said HankScott, chief operating officer at Molon LabeDesigns. 'This is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of fuel that makes passengers feel irritable and no one can solve the problem before moving out of the sliding seat.'

The seat of the sliding seat is designed for staggering shapes to provide more space for the passengers. The height of the seat near the corridor and the window is higher than the center of the seat and the front Throttle Position Sensor is in the middle, while the middle seat is 2 feet longer and more lean than the other seats. Therefore, the passengers next to you will not be close to you.

The principle of this seat is to slide the closest seat to the middle seat, so that the corridor will increase from 19 feet to 43 feet. And the operation is simple, the passengers only need to push back the sliding seat and lock it to ride. The company said that this design is not only to enhance the comfort of passengers, more importantly, can improve the escape time. To be used in commercial aircraft. The Airline Passenger Rights Association promotes the seat Pressure Switch to stand on the standpoint of each passenger, which will allow passengers to better enjoy their rights. The sliding seat will provide passengers with a more comfortable and viable flight experience, especially for passengers with special needs, including larger occupants or disabled persons.